Iggy Azalea To Release ‘Totally Plastic’ Makeup Line, Releases 2000’s Inspired Ad Campaign

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UNITED STATESAussie born, Los Angeles rapper and pop star Iggy Azalea is getting into the beauty business.

Her new cosmetics line, Totally Plastic, created in parthership with BH Cosmetics will launch on BHCosmetics.com, as well as Ulta Beauty stores and ulta.com on Aug. 29.

The ad campaign was inspired by the early 2000s. Iggy and the models are decked out in cropped top, sprayed painted denim jeans, belly chains, hair accessories and chokers. A flip phone and inflatable chair are also featured in the advertisement.

For the launch, Iggy wanted to reflect on her younger self as a teenager:  “What I really wanted to do with this capsule collection was relive my teenage nostalgia,” Azalea said.

To do it, she offers high-shine lip gloss, of course, and the familiar pastel eyeshadow colors often worn by teenage Millennials — though improved using today’s more blendable and longer lasting formulas.

If I was gonna put on a baby pink eyeshadow in the early 2000s, I would have sat there all day long, and it never would have been as bright as what it is now,” she said. “We’ve come so far with that.”

The “Totally Plastic” collection comprises three nine-color eyeshadow palettes, for $17 each: frosty blues, purples and pinks (with silvers, yellows and neutrals) in matte and shimmery finishes. There’s a $19 face palette with three brightening and three contour shades; four $14 lip glosses in options that include bubblegum pink and peach with gold flecks (inside packaging adorned with pompoms), and $9 false eyelashes. There are also accessories: an eight-piece face and eye brush set ($29), a beauty sponge in a hot pink case ($7), a glittery lavender travel case ($17), as well as a heart-shaped hand mirror with devil horns ($19) — the familiar imagery Azalea showcases in the campaign for her recently released fragrance, “Devil’s Advocate” (as part of her brand Parfum De Azalea, a collaboration with L.A.-based cosmetics company Merveilleux Beauty).

My mom let me buy a plaid mini skirt,” said the 31-year-old Australian rapper, explaining some of the inspiration for products. “I got an electric blue, and I was allowed to buy one top…I got this black top that had yellow, gummy glitter words on it, and it said,99 percent devilon the front, ‘1 percent angelon the back. I wore it everywhere for, like, two years straight. I thought I was like such a badass. Whenever I think of the early 2000s, I think of that T-shirt.”

Where we’re headed with Iggy’s career is to build her own beauty empire, in her own way, but in the same vein as what the Kardashians have done so successfully and Rihanna and others,” her manager, Reece Pearson, said. “This partnership with BH is really starting to blossom in that we’re in very early conversations about a much bigger partnership. This is not an endorsement kind of deal. This is truly a partnership, a collaboration that I think is going to end up becoming something much bigger. We have our sights on real success with Totally Plastic.

With “Devil’s Advocate,” of which Azalea is a majority owner, he added: “We are going to be closing a deal next week for BH and one of the major beauty retailers to come on as partners in the fragrance company, which I think is a real sign of the success we have there.”

Photos Credit: Courtesy / Thom Kerr 

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