Hood By Air Launches New Veteran Collection

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NEW YORK, UNITED STATESHood by Air has launched its new Veteran collection, described in a press as a “new uniform” that signals what’s to come in 2021 from designer Shayne Oliver.

The collection, which is available now at the brand’s online store brings comfort and convenience to a utilitarian aesthetic by way of pieces featuring everything from graphic military undertones to neutral colors. Veteran marks the next chapter of the label’s Prologue era, which kicked off in 2020 when HBA announced its return to the fashion world (see it here).

Further detailing the inspiration behind the Veteran pieces, Oliver explained to GQ’s Rachel Tashjian how the latest from Hood by Air is integral to the experiential space between its 2020 legacy-reflecting archival project and the future.

“This collection is meant to cleanse the palate as well as introduce a fresh cohesive taste to the meaning of a ‘dress code,’” Oliver said. “In Between H13A and further into the full Genesis Prologue Era, this collection also serves as a luxurious precursor in the form of a uniform.”

See some more images from the campaign below and visit HBA‘s site to shop the collection.

Photos Credit: Lengua/@lenguastongue

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