How To Plan A Surprise Engagement In 2021

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Ciara and Russell Wilson

With the coronavirus having pretty much wiped out any plans for 2020, at long last it looks like life is getting back on track, and we can slowly begin to pick up the reins of our lives and begin to move forward once again. One of those plans that might have fallen by the wayside could have been your elaborate plans for a romantic holiday or weekend, culminating in a carefully thought-out and planned proposal. Now, you can begin to make your plans again – here is how you can plan a surprise engagement in 2021!

Don’t Go Far
While most states are reopening for business, until the whole population is vaccinated and the entire country more or less free from the pernicious virus, it is probably best not to travel too far just yet. The virus, like all viruses, mutates regularly, and bringing a radically different variation into your home area from exotic destinations would be a good way to start off a new strain of the disease, one that is not so easily dispatched by the vaccine which is tailored to the current US strain. Instead, look closer to home for small holiday destinations – not only will this be a perfect getaway for you both, but it will also support your local economy and help get the state back on its feet all the quicker!

Plan in Advance
While it can be tempting to wing it, planning is essential when it comes to an engagement – especially a surprise proposal! Make a careful list of the things you will need, for your spouse as well as yourself, make a plan to get them out of the house if you need to pack items for them – after all, if they are expecting a lazy week in a cabin, they will not be packing formal evening wear for your surprise proposal over a high-end dinner that they do not know about!

What You Will Need
On your list, as well as possible clothing your partner will need, you will have to set to work considerably before you tout the idea of a holiday to them! If you are designing the ring yourself, you will need to arrange for a jeweler to show you a range of products, from GIA diamonds to various color metals and a whole host of mounts, settings and fittings! You will need to book the venue, and plan the whole time – as a general rule, plan the proposal for the last night of any stay, so that in the event of a refusal, you are not then forced to either cut your non-refundable holiday short or spend time with a newly-ex partner!

Plan for Contingencies!
As well as considering the possibility of a refusal – although if there are issues in the relationship you are hopefully not considering marriage just yet – you should make allowances for other contingencies. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that plans can change irrevocably in a flash and for the long term. Work through one or two scenarios and have a plan for each that can be adapted as needed should your circumstances change.

2020 was a terrible year for almost every nation in the world – but a surprise engagement to kick of 2021 is an excellent way to take back control!

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