NEW FACE: Fitness Model E’dre Provo From Alabama

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Name: E’dre Provo
Instagram and Twitter: @RealKaioken
Snapchat: Trvllhendrixx
Age: 19
Height: 5’10
Where Are You From: Montgomery, Alabama
Nationality: African American
Occupation: College Student/ IT Intern
Career Goals: To become an IT Specialist
You have a nice body; what is your workout regimen: Mostly Push/Pull workouts. I love high volume workouts as those tend to push my body to grow faster than any other workout I’ve tried. I also love explosive movements mixed along with my workouts.
How often do you workout: 6 Days a week.
What part of your body are you most obsessed with and why: My arms, because they came a long way and I been pushing to grow them.
Name some of your favorite workouts: German Volume Training, Push/Pull, and Athletic Workouts.
What inspired you to become a fashion and fitness model: I love to inspire people to be who they are, not to be afraid or feel insecure about themselves like I was. Seeing those people who truly make an effort to step and better themselves not only in the gym, but in life is a beautiful thing to me.
Are you a healthy eater: During cutting season I tend to be a healthy eater.
What is your favorite healthy meal: Ground Turkey and Rice.
Any publications you would like to be featured in: Men’s Health, Men’s
Fitness, Vogue, GQ, Vanity Teen, Complex, Vogue Homme and Esquire.
What are some of your favorite fashion brands: Fashion Nova, Nike and Under Armour.
Which brands would you really like to work with: Also, Fashion Nova, Nike and Under Armour.
What music are you currently listening too: Future and Drake
Favorite movies, tv shows: Lion King and Avengers.
Favorite designer fragrance or beauty product: Dior and Calvin Klein.
Places you would love to visit: I would love to visit London.
Currently obsessed with: Gym, clothes and technology.
What’s next for you: Finishing college, starting my career and make a name for myself in the fashion, modeling industry.
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