Special content will accompany the launches, including an interactive statement generator called ‘Jerry as Oracle’ where users gain access to Lorenzo’s affirmations and commentary, ‘Fear of God Heavy Weights’ playing cards showcasing the Seven Days to Forever product releases, ‘7 Questions with Jerry Lorenzo’ where the brand’s founder will answer seven questions from Ssense’s social media community, and ‘What do Virtual Worlds Tell Us About Our Own?’, an illustrated look at the Fear of God Ermenegildo Zegna collaboration.

Ssense is also re-releasing its interview with Lorenzo from the first issue of Ssense magazine, “Jerry Lorenzo Is in a League of His Own,” and releasing a Ssense Market Research piece by Los Angeles-based sports writer Micah Peters, who also tries key looks from the Seventh Collection.

Even though, the Montreal-based retailer is Fear of God’s launch partner, the collection will be available at the brand’s 100 global retail partners and on its web site as well.

“It was really a deep dive into where we are today as a brand,” said Lorenzo about Seven Days to Forever. “We are aligning everything back to where we are and the number seven, and thankfully we had different products and collaborations hitting the market at the same time. We rushed production to get Seventh Collection here earlier than anticipated and the Ssense team laid out the strategy for the releases based on some global release dates and what made sense for the flow of the week.”

The number seven is meaningful to Jerry and is illustrated everywhere from the days of the week, to the wonders of the ancient world, to signifying completion,” said Federico Barassi, Ssense’s vice president of men’s wear buying. “With the launch of Fear of God’s highly anticipated seventh collection, our creative team felt it was a special moment to honor that and partner with Jerry for this new chapter in the brand’s history. Fear of God’s seventh collection shows a growth within design approach and offering, and we are excited to exclusively launch it first at Ssense.”

Barassi added that Seven Days to Forever gives the Ssense and Fear of God audiences a different way to experience the brand and connect with Lorenzo. The rollout is unique for its content-based storytelling to promote a brand and sell products, but it’s also a sign of the times, where customers would prefer to shop online than in store for convenience and safety.

Fear of God built a virtual platform to show the Seventh Collection to buyers last summer, which was important to communicate the collection to an audience that can’t physically see the line in person or feel the product. Lorenzo said, “Content coming directly from the brand is becoming more and more important. I have a really strong respect for Ssense’s storytelling capabilities and what they’ve been able to do over the years. Content is super important and we’re trying to get better.”

Barassi did not confirm if Ssense will continue to launch collections in this format, but said, “By utilizing our editorial, marketing, and buying channels, we love to ideate on how to work with brands in a meaningful way. Whether it’s 360 activations, exclusive capsule collections or editorials and interviews, Ssense is a powerful platform that offers our brand partners a multitude of ways to uniquely engage with our audience, while in turn offering our audience an enhanced and elevated way to experience, discover, and shop brands. We’re extremely intentional in deciding who to partner with, to ensure the Ssense vision is represented and that it’s a collaborative effort. Seven Days to Forever is one project of many between Fear of God and Ssense. We’re looking forward to continuing our creative collaboration with upcoming projects in 2021.”