NEW FACE: Rising Model Lamar Thompson From Baton Rouge

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Name: Lamar William Thompson
Instagram: @lamar_shredz
Age: 22
Height: 5’10
Where Are You From: Baton Rouge, LA
Where do you currently reside: Denver, Colorado
Nationality: African American
Occupation: I serve in the United States Air Force.
Career Goals: To become a gym owner, celebrity trainer, digital marketer and successful model.
You have a nice body; what is your workout regimen: I drink one gallon of water a day, do a two hour workout session working on my abs and doing cardio plus weights six days a week.
How often do you workout: Six days a week.
What part of your body are you most obsessed with and why: My quads because they are shredded.
How long have you been modeling: For about two years now.
Has any agencies reached out to you yet: Yes, two. I am working on some things.
As far as modeling, what have you done so far: Just amateur work and I also did work for an underwear and watch company.
What is your most memorable modeling experience so far: Getting offered a partnership.
What would you like to accomplish as a model: I would love to do print and commercials.
What or who inspired you to get into modeling: Tyson Beckford
Do you prefer print or runway modeling: Print
If you could sign to any modeling agency, which one(s) would it be: Any agency who sees my vision and would like to work with me.
As far as modeling, what are you doing to brand yourself: Using my social media platforms to further my career.
Any publications you would like to be featured in: Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Vogue, GQ, Vanity Teen, Complex, Vogue Homme and Esquire.
You’re also a fitness trainer, tell me a little about that: Basically, I train local clients through my certification with Issa.
What made you want to be a fitness trainer: I wanted to be a nurse when I was younger so I knew I always wanted to help people in one way or another. It just so happened I found fitness a better method for myself.
What are some of your favorite fashion brands: adidas, Forever 21, and Zumiez.
Which brand would you really like to work with: Any athlete or trendy line brand.
What are some of your favorite shopping stores in your area: H&M
Name five good things to do/places to go in your hometown: Garden of the Gods, Red Rocks Theatre, Downtown 16th Street Mall, Elitch Gardens Amusement Park, and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.
Your Fashion Influences Are: Don Benjamin and Drake.
What music are you currently listening too: Cardi B and City Girls.
Favorite movies, tv shows: The Umbrella Academy and Alita The Battle Angel.
Favorite designer fragrance or beauty product: A good sunrise face wash or obsession cologne.
Places you would love to visit: Paris or anywhere in the UK, Dubai, and South Africa.
What are you currently working on: A degree in criminal justice.
What’s next for you: To finish serving my military commitment then move to an area where I can achieve my goals.
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