Which Designers Are Favoured By The Stars?

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Hollywood stars and music icons can make or break a fashion label. If somebody famous wears one of your creations to a red carpet event, the publicity is invaluable, but if nobody wants to be seen in your designs, it’s hard to move on from such a snub. Fashion design and the world of celebrity have an incestuous relationship, as they both need the other to survive. Most celebrities have a preferred brand they adore and some even become a designer’s muse.

Celebrity Branding is Priceless

All designers love it when a beautiful star decides to wear their garments, so they court them with freebies or offer to design their dress for a red carpet event. That kind of free marketing is priceless. The only problem comes when a celebrity falls out of favour following a Skype sex scandal with someone inappropriate. Fortunately, most big name celebrities are sensible enough to use private platforms like Arousr. So which fashion houses are the brands of choice for which celebrities right now?

Celebrities Love Designer Shoes

Louboutin’s are the most famous shoe in the world of celebrity. Everyone covets a pair of Louboutin’s and at any red carpet event most of the women are wearing Louboutin’s. Christian Louboutin’s famous shoes also feature heavily in movies and TV shows. Basically, everyone loves them, including Jennifer Lopez.

Beyoncé is the Queen of Music, so anything she does she does it well. Her live performances are legendary and her outfits are always amazing, but she also has a keen sense of fashion when she shows up for red carpet events. Balmain is her designer of choice.

Azzedine Alaia has been around since the 80s but his light still burns bright in many circles. Alaia is well known for his forthright views on certain members of the fashion world, but Michelle Obama loves his designs, so he gets plenty of kudos there.

Fashion and Movies

Tom Ford is a big name in the fashion world right now, although he has recently moved into film directing, so it remains to be seen whether his creative talents stay in fashion, or not. Julianne Moore is one of his biggest fans.

Rodarte is funky and edgy, so their designs are not for everyone. Still, there are plenty of celebrities who rate the Rodarte fashion house very highly, and are more than happy to be seen wearing one of their designs. Keira Knightly loves Rodarte, as does Cate Blanchett. Michelle Obama has also worn Rodarte, and she has excellent taste.

Valentino has been around since the 60s, but his star is still rising high in the world of celebrity. Naomi Campbell and Kate Bosworth both love his designs, but then they have excellent taste.

Luxury Fashion for Celebrities

Armani is a luxury designer, so his garments are much favoured by celebrities. Lady Gaga in particular loves Armani, so you won’t be surprised to hear that some of her stage costumes have been designed by Armani.

Who is your favourite designer? Let us know!

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