Sneaker News: Reebok Introduces The Question Mid Prototype, Signaling The 20th Anniversary Of Allen Iverson’s Question Mid Sneaker

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Reebok Question Prototype 2

Time flies, especially when you’re sitting back talking about some of your favorite basketball memories amongst friends or reminiscing over the first pair of basketball sneakers your parents brought you when you were a child.

As a kid, Allen Iverson was not only one of my favorite basketball players, his sneakers were also one of my fave basketball shoes to wear.

I can’t believe that it been almost 20 years, since A.I. was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers with the first overall pick.

Personally, I think that the 11-time All-Star point guard broke down barriers and changed the league. He also took an a**-kicking for being himself, looking the way he looked and dressing the way he dressed. Now when you look around, a lot of the dudes in the NBA are covered with tattoos and rocking creative hairstyles. A.I. took a beating for those types of things but it’s not how you look on the outside, it is who you are in the inside and how good of a player you are on the court. A.I. was 100% Hip-Hop and represented the streets/inner cities and I don’t think the NBA was ready for the kid. A.I. was definitely my Michael Jordan. I idolized that guy as a kid!

2016 also marks the official 20 year anniversary since Reebok and Allen Iverson first teamed up to release what has become one of the most iconic, on-court basketball sneakers of all time: The Question Mid.

To celebrate this incredible milestone, there will be 20 unique launches of the Question Mid throughout 2016 to commemorate Allen Iverson and the undeniable cultural impact he has had on basketball as well as culture in general.
Even before he stepped foot onto a professional basketball court, Reebok knew there would never be another Allen Iverson. Determined to sign the once-in-a-lifetime player, Reebok actually designed a version of Allen‘s first signature shoe while he was still in college.  It was called The Prototype, and it was the first canvas upon which Reebok first dreamed “what-if“.
Allen never wore the Prototype on court, but the shoe had only minor changes to the design before it became the first version of the Question Mid. The hi-cut Prototype features Reebok‘s revolutionary Hexalite technology and unique “?” branding on the back tab, which represents all the questions surrounding his career and whether Allen would eventually go pro.  Of course, Allen Iverson being the “Answer” to the “Question” showed all his critics wrong.
The Reebok Question “Prototype” will be available on Friday, February 5th for $200 at, Packer Shoes and Concepts.
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