Nina Garcia Speaks On The Lack Of Diversity In The Fashion Industry

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I’ve been saying this for years, “there need to be more diversity in the fashion industry.” We all know that the industry lacks diversity from runways, to magazine covers, print ads and more; which is why dedicated an entire post to ‘Women of Color Dominating September 2015 Issues‘.

If you have the beauty, personality, body and talents, you should have the opportunity to do the job in the fashion industry, versus not being giving the opportunity to do the job because you’re a woman of color or Black model.

Marie Claire‘s creative director and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia recently spoke to the Huffington Post about the lack of diversity in the fashion industry.

The magazine creative director and television judge is “very optimistic” about improving diversity. She agrees that fashion lacks diversity, but she sees hope in the progress that’s been made already.

I think the industry’s already addressing those points of view. I think there’s not enough African-American girls on the runway — that is a huge problem. There’s not enough African-American girls on the covers. But that is changing, and really the change has started, so I feel very optimistic.”

Garcia also spoke about body diversity. Marie Claire regularly prints a fashion tips column from a plus-size woman, Garcia knows the whole spectrum of bodies is not receiving enough visibility.

If you think of it, if you came from outer space and  looked at a magazine, you’d be like, ‘Everyone is so skinny in the fashion business and everybody in Earth is so tiny!'” Garcia affirmed. “That is not the reality. We all have different shapes and different sizes.”

We need to make everybody aware,” she added. “We need more. In all platforms.”

Photos Credit: Nina Garcia’s Instagram

Source: Huffington Post

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