Kanye West To Take A Break From Music To Focus More On Fashion?

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If this is true, I definitely saw this coming!

Last week, I exclusively reported that “Kanye West has been traveling the world working on his new album, a sequel to his 2013‘s Yeezus album. Photogs spotted the Grammy Award winning rapper at LAX, en route to China to record music for his forthcoming LP.” See the original post here!

We all know that it is more money in fashion than music. Now it is being reported that “After his next [collaboration] with Paul McCartney comes out, he’s [Kanye West] going to step away from music and concentrate on clothing,” a source told Page Six.

“He got a $15 million signing bonus from Adidas, but his line has been pushed back four times because he hasn’t had enough time to work on it,” the source added when they talked to Page Six.

I support Kanye‘s decision to step away from music 100% to focus on fashion. It is much needed.

Two weeks ago, I published an article that I wrote titled, “Is Kanye West A Fashion Icon? Do You Think Talent Or Racism Is The Reason Why He Hasn’t Succeeded In The Fashion Industry?

In that article, I pointed out that “Even though West has been tapped as a source of inspiration and hired for brand campaigns, he still hasn’t been accepted by fashionistas & fashionistos, earned his credits in the fashion industry or reached mainstream success. Basically, he’s having a difficult time gaining credibility within the design realm.”

However, I do not think that racism is the reason why Kanye hasn’t succeeded in the fashion industry. I do think that Kanye didn’t devote his all to fashion; he’s trying to juggle his line with his music career. If he really wants this, then he’s going to have to really hunker down and take a different viewpoint. It doesn’t seem like he’s prepared to give up on the idea of having his own line. Victoria Beckham was once a pop singer and she succeeded in the fashion industry because fashion is now her one and only job. She gave up on her music career to pursue her fashion line.”

My good friend, Yakini of RealityTVFashion said that she believes “that an African-American man trying to break into the fashion industry will be scrutinized differently than his white counterparts. So to that end I do think it’s tougher for him to get his foot in the door than, say, it may have been for Jessica Simpson or Beckham.”

Yakini agrees with me when I said that Kanye hasn’t devoted all of his all to fashion. “With that said, I also agree with you that he has not poured 100% into his fashion endeavors the way that one needs to truly become successful. He just has way too many irons in the fire, with regards to all his various projects and businesses, so it would be impossible for him to do so. And I think that’s what people in the industry don’t respect…. The fact that he thinks he can just juggle fashion alongside all his numerous projects. For the designers who live, breathe, and study fashion like an art, these celebs taking on fashion are like a mockery to them. I do think Kanye had what it takes to really be successful with this in the long run. But he’s got to be willing to commit his entire heart and soul to it… And it appears he isn’t able to do that right now.”

You can read the article in its entirety here!

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Source: Page Six

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