Tyga For Flaunt Magazine; Wears Designers Labels

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Tyga For Flaunt Magazine; Wears Designers Labels 6

Compton-native and YMCMB rapper Tyga is gearing up for the release of his upcoming album, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, which is being executive produced by Kanye West. The album is scheduled for a Fall 2014 release via YMCMB, Cash Money and Republic Records.

In the meantime, the stylish rapper is featured in an eight-page spread for Flaunt magazine, showing off the upscale and luxury side of his Hip-Hop persona. This shoot was lensed by Renie Saliba and styling was provided by Sean Knight.

Below are some highlights:

How would you relate that to the creation of your music?
I mean just trying new things, trying different voices, trying to say stuff that makes people think, “What did he say?” And just being able to paint a picture visually, but still make it cool, not corny.

Would you say that most of culture is corny?
Nah, it’s different cultures but most people are good at one thing. A lot of people don’t expand to different cultures and learn different things, and people don’t travel so a lot of people just like to be one way. That’s fine, but why do we have to be just one way, you know?

Tyga For Flaunt Magazine; Wears Designers Labels 5


Tyga For Flaunt Magazine; Wears Designers Labels 3

Sure, and how do you feel you’re growing right now as an artist?
I’m growing a lot, you know what I’m saying? I’m trying new things out, like my voice and trying different collabs with different artists. I’m more open to more things, especially working with Kanye. It’s things that I wouldn’t hear, that he hears on different songs. Just really opening and broadening your mind when it comes to making music because it’s all about the bigger picture in the outcome.

How important is community to you when growing as an artist?
Community is real important. You need to know your surroundings. You can’t grow on your own—you gotta have people around to grow with you. That’s a part of growing: outside experiences and watching other people’s experiences and taking from that. You need environment, you need different energies, you can’t grow with your own energy. You got to be surrounded by different energies to grow into your own.

Growing processes can be painful. What to you defines pain?
Not knowing what your next move is
not having help
pain is loss almost. You don’t have a concept of reality, just a concept of complete loss. I wouldn’t even say pain is physical. Pain is more mental to me than physical.

Tyga For Flaunt Magazine; Wears Designers Labels 2

Tyga For Flaunt Magazine; Wears Designers Labels 4

Tyga For Flaunt Magazine; Wears Designers Labels 1

Read the full story over at Flaunt magazine.

Photos Credit: Renie Saliba for Flaunt Magazine

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