Exclusive Interview With Trax NYC’s Luciano The Jeweler

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Hello Luciano, How long have you been in the jewelry business?

Eight years.

How did you get your first start and what was the breaking point?

I got my start by joining the Trax NYC company which is the same company I’am with today.  I had started as A simple jewelry sales representative, now I am a manager and custom jeweler; working on some complicated jewelry.

Why did you decide to get into the jewelry business?

I am a people person and have been a jewelry customer most of my adult life, so it seemed like a good fit. When the opportunity came up, I made the move.
Are there any jewelers that inspired or inspire you?
The jewelry industry is very competitive, we look at all our competition and see what they do best and try to do it better. I don’t want to call it inspiration, I would rather describe it as motivation.
Who’s your biggest competition?
Believe it or not our biggest competition is Ebay, who’s jewelry sales are roughly 140M per month. That’s a lot of money that otherwise would fall into our hands, but we are working on that.
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I know that Trax NYC is a jewelry store, can you tell me a little more about Trax NYC?
TraxNYC is a business that started from the ground up, its growing every year not only in sales and popularity but also in service and quality. We make incredible custom jewelry from custom engagement rings to Hip Hop pendants. In my opinion we have some of the most intricate and creative merchandise in the industry. Most importantly we focus on the average person as a customer, making sure that we serve them.  We have big plans and big investors to back those plans and we hope to become a household name in the near future.
How influenced is pop culture and Hip Hop on your brand?
Big celebrities set the trends for fashion, lifestyle and jewelry. We have to follow those trends because that’s what consumers want. If rappers are rapping about Rolex’s then we sell Rolex’s. If an actress is wearing emeralds to the Oscar then we sell that, but sometimes we try to set our own trends.

How in tuned are you with the pop culture and the Hip Hop community?

We have  a diverse staff and we all pay attention to different aspects of culture and use that info to see the big picture. Its very important to the branding of our business.

Are there any celebrities that you made custom pieces for or shopped at your store?

Yes, we worked with fabulous, Jim Jones, Justin Bieber and so on. However our focus is always on the hard working people around the world who love jewelry as much as us.
As far as diamonds, gold and platinum, what is the best and worse investment?
Simply put gold is the best investment. However from a business perspective they are all equally good if you pay the right price and know what you are doing, but to keep it simple nothing beats gold over the time frames of 10 – 20 years, even if your entry price wasn’t great.
When is the right time to buy gold and diamonds?
Gold is linked to the economy and production capacity, while diamonds mostly to market demand and supply, so that’s a difficult question to answer. But generally when the economy starts to turn south go for gold, when it goes north go for diamonds.
When choosing pieces, what is the key to finding the right piece?
Don’t go for trends, if you spend 2 -5k on a trend and it goes out of style your going to lose. The key to know what you really want is to have a trusted jeweler and from my experience that’s hard to find. So shop around and ask a lot of questions until you’re working with a person that makes you feel comfortable and can point you in the right direction.
What’s up with the new trend such as Cuban and link chains (similar to Jay-Z and Fabolous’)?
That’s a trend that’s coming in strong right now and was strong in the past. Those chains are great investments, and are a mark of success for lets call them “cash businesses” . That’s why they are big in the streets and in the Hip-Hop world.
Are they worth more now than they were back then?
The price is triple or quadruple (per gram) now then what it was, a little less if you adjust for inflation. Gold now is roughly $1400 per ounce now, in the early 90s it was around $400 per ounce. That’s why you’ve seen so many “we buy gold” commercials on television and signs in the windows.
What is the hottest piece to have right now?
A 100+ Miami Cuban should be on any jewelry enthusiast list. But don’t discount the Rolex’s and other high brand watches out there.

What are some of the craziest pieces people have asked you to design for them?

The craziest piece we had ever made was a glass hour glass with gold caps that had contained the ashes of a clients family member who had passed away. It was a crazy piece to make and I doubt we will have anything that compares anytime soon.

What was your first and favorite piece to make?

We made stuff for MTV, Showtime and other company’s, but our first one was for a record label. It was making a three finger XXX ring for Kid Rock, that was a tough job but it was fun.
Who are your dream customers?
We have customer that make movies, sell weapons to the government, and ones who hit the lotto, but our favorite ones will always be the average customer walking down the street, that’s how our business got started, and we will always be working to serve them.
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There official website is www.TraxNYC.com.
Are you looking for inspiration for your next custom jewelry or looking for something special? If so, visit their website or visit them in person at:
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Photos Credit: TraxNYC

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