Solange Knowles Gets Pretty In Lucky Magazine

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Fashionista and singer Solange Knowles covers the August 2014 issue of Lucky magazine. Some people may question her singing talents but there’s no denying that she is a fashion trendsetter and icon. Inside, she models an array of summer looks.

The stylish singer and songwriter always look quite fashionable when she’s covering the pages of major publications. Solange was born to stand out which is why her elevator fight with Jay-Z (Beyonce‘s husband/Solange‘s brother-in-law) didn’t ruin her career or brand. Below are some highlights:

 On living in New Orleans and how it affects her fashion:

 “I lived in New York and L.A. and they were different worlds I learned to navigate. Fashion and music have so many elements I’m connected to, but they also have parts that I’m not so interested in. I can step in and step out of those worlds. Being in New Orleans gives me space.”

On lacking discipline as an artist:

 “I have friends who call in the middle of the day and say, ‘Come around the corner for a drink—we’re going to hear this band,’ and I’m just like ‘No, I can’t! … Okay, wait for me.’ So I have to remove myself. As an artist, I lack discipline in terms of buckling down. But if I’m isolated then I have no choice.”

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On her upcoming EP:

My last EP, True, was about the overall vibe—the message was fun. This one, I really want you to hear what I’m saying. I want you to hear me.”

Any time you’re a kid and you’re told, ‘You’re gonna love Donny Hathaway,’ naturally you’re like, ‘No, I love Fiona Apple.'”

On touring the world as a backup dancer for Destiny’s Child:

“I had no idea how to dance hip-hop at the time,” she says. “I was trained in classical ballet! But it sounded chill and I was going to make a little weekly check and be with my whole family, so I said okay.

“I loved traveling,” she continues. “We were in Europe for a month, and that’s when my musical eyes opened up. There, Björk was on pop radio. She wasn’t some obscure underground thing like she was in America.” Knowles spent the next two years as part of the Destiny’s Child machine until an injury forced her to take a year off from dancing. “Dance had been my everything since I was a little girl and all of a sudden I couldn’t do it,” she says, her voice going quieter. “Some beautiful things came out of that year but also some painful things. I started writing songs because I had all of these emotions that were so real.”

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Sharing her music with Kelly Rowland for the first time:

One of the first people Knowles shared her songs with was Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland. “Kelly’s like a sister. When I let her hear my music, she said, ‘I want you to write for my album.’ That gave me a lot of confidence.” Telling Mathew and Tina was a little harder. “I was nervous to talk to my parents. Part of my mom was like, ‘Please be normal and get a regular job,’ because she had gone through so much with my sister. She knew how strong-willed I was and how the industry was probably not going to be the most supportive thing for a 15-year-old girl.” But they gave in and Knowles signed her first record deal with Columbia. In 2003, she released Solo Star.”

On the elevator fight with Jay-Z:

What’s important is that my family and I are all good,” she says. “What we had to say collectively was in the statement that we put out, and we all feel at peace with that.”

She is happy to discuss the values her parents taught both of their daughters: hard work along with unconditional love and support for each other. “We’ve always held each other down no matter what,” she says. “That’s something I’m drilling into Julez now.”

Photos Credit: Todd Cole

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