Rapper, Entrepreneur & King: Tyga For The Coveteur

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Rapper, Entrepreneur, King and Los Angeles-native Tyga is feature in the latest issue of The Coveteur.  The YMCMB rapper talked about his Last King clothing line, opening up a flagship store, being hands on with everything that his name is attached to, music and much more.

T-Raww also allowed the publication inside of his closet which is filled with designer sneakers from Balenciaga and Maison Martin Margiela, jackets and sweaters from Givenchy, jeans and jackets from Balmain, buttoned downs from Saint Laurent and hats and shirts from Last King.


On his Last Kings clothing line:

“Last Kings is about carrying yourself like royalty. What we’re doing is not some artist attaching his name to some screenprinted shirts. We’re really running a warehouse with cut-and-sew products. Even our t-shirts are custom silhouettes—not blanks. We have everything from high quality denim to socks. So it’s the real deal. Our customers are the trendsetters, not necessarily the people who are just buying the stuff they see in the mall. They are the people who like streetwear and high fashion and want to maintain some individuality“.

On opening up a flagship store in Los Angeles:

We’re just gonna keep pushing. We’re opening a flagship store on Melrose in Los Angeles this month and already talking about expanding to other cities“.


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On being hands on with everything and working with Reebok:

I like to be hands on with things that I put my name on. I didn’t wanna be one of those celebs who just slapped a logo on something I didn’t believe in. I sat with [the Reebok team] and really came up with something that I would want to wear. And something that represents where I’m from“.

On if he could collaborate with Michael Jackson or 2 Pac and his work ethic:

[If I could collaborate with anyone, past or present, it would probably be] Michael Jackson or 2Pac. Obviously Lil’ Wayne has been a big influence. When I first met him and started seeing him in the studio (and his work ethic), it was very inspiring. He really showed me what it takes to be successful. People that know me know that I’m not really out in the clubs or anything. Usually at 5 a.m. you can find me in the studio working still. I learned that from Wayne. Also seeing people like Kanye [West] in the studio and how he works has opened me up to different approaches. He’s very collaborative and it’s all about getting a ton of ideas out and picking through the best ones. So I try to take little lessons from all these guys and apply it to what I do“.


Pants, Balmain; Hats, Last Kings


Shoes, Timberland


Shirt and Necklace, Last Kings


Shoes, Maison Martin Margiela


Sweater, Givenchy; Shoes, Balenciaga


Jacket, Balmain


Hats, Last Kings


Shirt, Last Kings; Shoes, Balenciaga


Shirt, Saint Laurent


Hat, Last Kings; Jacket, Givenchy


Read the full feature over at The Coveteur.

Photos Credit: The Coveteur

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