Top 10 Celebrity Sunglasses Trends

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Sunglasses are a must for any fashion maven. They usually go well with anything, tie an outfit together well and gives the wear a simple and easy way to make a fashion statement. That’s why so many celebrities love wearing their shades. Plus, they’re not called an “accessory” for nothing: sunglasses are almost always cool-looking, and they have the gift of upgrading any look (visit AllBrandsGlasses for more ideas.) And since celebrities are always trendsetters, we browsed some of their summer looks in search for what’s in.


1. Mirror lenses, as seen on Shakira. Mirror lenses are incredibly popular these days! And not only on aviators, like the singer wears them, but also on cat eyes, round and rectangular sunglasses.

2. Embellished frames, as seen on Rihanna. Riri is a promoter of funky eyewear, and these baroque inspired sunglasses are no exception. DIY a pair by gluing your favorite shapes on an old pair of frames.

3. Round shape, as seen on Miley Cyrus. Another fan of novelty sunglasses, Miley wears round, oversized frames. They’re either simple and classic or with trendy details such as these.

4. Angular shape, as seen on Justin Bieber. Perfect for men, angular sunglasses are rough and on trend. Biebs wears them on any occasion he can.

5. Keyhole bridge, as seen on Ryan Gosling. For both men and women, round sunglasses with a keyhole bridge are a trend right now. Most of the times in black or havana.

6. Exaggerated shape, as seen on Beyonce. Everything is permitted in eyewear this season! The bigger and bolder the frames, the better.

7. Shield shape, as seen on Lady Gaga. Inspired by sportswear, but in a very fashionable way, these 80s style sunglasses are back in. And who better to wear them but Gaga?

8. Neon frames, as seen on Gwen Stefani. The fashion icon has been wearing pops of neon on her frames lately, and it suits her just fine. The pink shades remind us of her old hair color.

9. Aviator shape, as seen on David Beckham. Aviators are never out of style! They look great on women and men alike, and they have an incredible sense of authority connected to them.

10. Pastel frames, as seen on Anne Hathaway. While some like neons, others like pastels! Sunglasses look delicate and fresh in soft colors, and they make you think of ice-cream.

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