Back 2 School Fashion: Bryce Council & Diondre Francis Sporting Reebok Question “#1 Pick”

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Bryce Council

It’s back to school week on YDBR! We will kick things off with Harlem’s cousins; Bryce Council & Diondre Francis. Both of these high school students were featured on my blog in the past. See here and here! These two are good young men and I know for a fact that one day they’re going to be very successful. I am so proud of them! Earlier in the summer, I made my way to Harlem, NY to watch their basketball games. These two are our feature NBA players. They are really good at playing basketball and most importantly, they’re well-educated and respectful. Both have been very instrumental in my career and always tell me how dope my blog is. They love visiting my blog and I always make sure that I post the right content and nothing disrespect because they’re watching. One time, I slipped up and posted pictures of an artist at a nightclub drinking a bottle of Hennessey and Bryce told me to remove it because it wasn’t a good look for my image and I did. I have young men and high school/college students visiting my blog, looking at me as a positive person/role model, so I have no other choice but to keep my blog clean, watch the content that I post on it, use it as a platform to encourage the youth to chase their dreams and go to college. With my blog, I also plan to use my voice to motivate the younger generation to do positive things.

Bryce is a high school freshman at Lasalle Academy in NYC and Diondre is a senior at Hackensack High School in NJ. Not only did these two cousins rocked the same pair of Reebok Question “#1 Pick” sneakers but they’re both playing basketball for their high school. Bryce decided to pair his Reebok Question “#1 Pick” sneakers with a white tank top and pants while Diondre styled his with an Undefeated shirt, Banana Republic pants and a Camp cap.

Have a healthy and wonderful school year Bryce and Diondre! I will forever believe in and support you guys.


Diondre Francis



Photos Credits: Bryce Council & Diondre Francis | sneakers via  Titan 22

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