Jrue Holiday Talks Wearing Addias Sneakers To His Wedding, The Brand’s Crazyquick Commercial, Leaving The Sixers For New Orleans & More

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In a recent interview with SLAM, NBA player Jrue Holiday, formerly of the Philadelphia 76ers (last months, he was traded to the New Orleans Pelicans) talked to writer Nima Zarrbi about various things including wearing Adidas sneakers to his wedding, being a key face of the brand’s marketing strategy, hardly satisfied with just his first All-Star appearance, Coach Monty Williams, the Crazy Ghost Adidas sneakers, fashion and much more. Below are some highlights:


On wearing Adidas sneakers to his wedding:

“I’ve been in Shell toes since ’98,” the 23-year-old Holiday says with a smile. “I had to go with the white Shell toes with the Ray-Bans. I know my wife, and if they were too flashy, I don’t think she would have liked them. They’re classic, a pair of my favorite shoes. I did my job well, my wife was very happy with my choices and that’s all that matters.”

On Adidas making him a key face of its marketing strategy by featuring him in a lauded Crazyquick commercial that included John Wall, Damian Lillard and A$AP Rocky:

“That was my first commercial,” Holiday says. “Having A$AP on there, saying ‘That boy Jrue’—that’s my Twitter handle now. It’s pretty sweet. They tried to explain the concept to me as we were doing the shoot but the way it came out was over the top. It wasn’t what I had pictured. It came out really cool. I didn’t see it until the day before it was released. When they had told me A$AP was on it, I was really excited. I had just come back from watching him in concert, so it was real thrilling.”

Holiday continues, “Knowing John and Damian, I didn’t think anyone else should have been in it. John’s a No. 1 pick and Damian killed it last year. He was probably one of the most fun guys for me to play against. What could he not do? He could score, he could pass, he could defend. I didn’t know about him like that. You know how everybody can hype someone up? For me, I need to play against you to see what it really is. Once I played against him the first time in Portland, I was like, yeah. You can tell he’s working, he’s working hard.”

On being hardly satisfied with just his first All-Star appearance and a couple of short playoff runs:

“I don’t want it to be a one-time thing,” says Holiday, who posted averages of 17.7 ppg, 8 apg and 4.2 rpg last season with the Philadelphia 76ers. “Making the Playoffs, my second and third year was probably the best experiences I’ve ever had. Being able to experience those over and over and having to make the most of it, that’s my goal. I look at the best point guards and what they do to separate themselves. Russ [Westbrook] has that athletic ability and that dog in him that a lot of people don’t have. Chris Paul has it, too, mentally the way he thinks about the game is incredible, the same with Chauncey Billups. Every time I used to play Chauncey he used to kick my butt because he outthought me. He would mix it up. He’d shoot from outside, he’d post me up—then he’d get to the paint and get me in foul trouble. He would just frustrate me. So you take a little bit out of everything.”

On leaving Philadelphia for New Orleans:

“I’m actually really excited,” Holiday says. “We have a good core group of guys that are young and talented. We have a great chance to grow together; I think that’s the biggest part of this. We’re going to be alright. I obviously have to play my game—that means whatever to help the team. I know last year, I had to score for our team to have the best chance of winning. This year with Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans on my wings, I might not need to score as much [laughs]. That means I need to be more of a point guard.”

Photos Credit: SLAM

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On Coach Monty Williams:

“First off, I know he’s a believer, and so am I,” the 6-3 guard says. “I’m not saying he’s going to be a better coach because he’s a believer, but I like that. I’ve heard he’s a really good coach, especially for point guards. He coached Chris Paul, one of the best to do it. Even seeing what they did last year with the team that they had, I felt like their record didn’t reflect how good they were. They worked hard, they played defense, and obviously Gordon was hurt, but they were always in every game. It’s not like they backed down or just gave up, they were making progress.”

On the Crazy Ghost Adidas sneakers and what he will be able to do in the shoes:

“The Crazy Ghost is pretty light, and I guess when people look at it initially, they probably wouldn’t think that,” says Holiday, who hit the court last season in a variety of footwear, including Crazy Lights, Top 10 2000, Crazyquick, Ghost 2 and the Crazy Fast. I’ve been working out in the Crazy Ghost. Once you get them on your feet, they’re pretty light and comfortable, which is the biggest part for me. Again, I’m not the most athletic but the Crazy Ghost makes me feel athletic. I guess I can break ankles with these.”

“They put a lot more padding in there, a point guard like myself has to cut a lot more,” he explains. “I need the most support around my ankle and the front of the toe. Me and stopping don’t go together well.”

On Jeremy Scott sneakers:

“I’m trying to get into the Jeremy Scotts,” he says. ”They’re a little crazy. I have the Flintstones ones with the bones at the top. I haven’t worn them out. I think I have them to just say that I have them.”

Read the full interview over at SLAM.

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