Amar’e Stoudemire Looks Dapper & Talks Personal Style In GiltMANual’s ‘Men Of Style’ Series

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As I mentioned in numerous posts, over the years the NBA has become more fashionable. Basketball players are now dressing as if they were sitting front row at NYFW or  a fashion show in Milan. New York Knicks baller Amar’e Stoudemire has established himself as a fashion trendsetter off the court. Whenever he’s out and about, Stoudemire looks like he’s about to do a photo shoot, that’s how dapper he be looking. He really manages to stand out for his dapper and winning style. Writer Tyler Thoreson recently caught up with Stoudemire for an exclusive interview for GiltMANualon-going Men of Style series. In his interview, Stoudemire describes his look, talks about how his style has evolved, who’s the most stylish man in the NBA, what’s one thing every guy should be wearing right now, the best style advice he received and much more. Below are some highlights:


How would you describe your own look?
My approach is contemporary—I go off what I feel, and I try not to do too much. I make sure it’s clean and classy and it fits my character.

How has your style evolved over the past couple years? 
It’s more mature. When I started off as a teenager, I was wearing things that teenagers wear, and now that I’m 29, 30 years old I wear a different style now. The older I get, the more my style changes.

Who’s the most stylish man in the NBA these days (present company excluded)?
I like the way Kobe Bryant dresses. It’s very contemporary, very easy. He’s not doing too much. It’s always good to see a little class with fashion.

What’s one thing every guy should be wearing right now?
This summer’s more about loafers. Nice loafers — and a nice watch.

What is the best style advice you’ve ever received? 
Be yourself. Don’t try too hard. That’s advice to anyone who’s trying to become stylish. Don’t try too hard — it shows.

Head over to GiltMANual to read the interview in its entirety.

Photos Credit: Tom Schirmacher

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