A$AP Ferg Talks About Being Unique In Fashion, Not Being Accepted In Harlem & Being Called Gay

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If you are a fan of A$AP Rocky, then you definitely know/heard of his A$AP Mob comrade, A$AP Ferg. The Harlem rapper is featured in Complex’s June/July 2013 issue. Inside, the “Work” rapper talks about being unique in fashion, people not seeing the group’s vision in the beginning of A$AP Mob’s development, not being accepted in Harlem and being called gay.

Personally, I am tired of people being called “gay” and not being accepted in their communities because of the way they dress. Just because you grew up in the projects or inner city does not mean that you have to dress urban or live by society’s norms in the Black community. I grew up in the projects in Camden, NJ, and I always get criticize, called “gay” and “arrogant” because I graduated from the prestigious Rutgers University, speak proper and dress different. However, it does not bother me because it is not true and others people opinion(s) does not define who I am. Read A$AP Ferg’s excerpts below:

On people not seeing or believing A$AP Mob’s vision during the early stage of their career:
When people left or got booted out of A$AP Mob, it was because they didn’t see the vision and believe. They weren’t for the team. When Rocky got that $3 million deal, it combed out the bullshit and left the real n****s. Those of us who stayed are prospering. If I was dumb, I could’ve left, like, “I need to go and get my $3 million.” It’s a chain effect. Rocky goes first, whoever goes second is stepping up to the plate, and so on. You’ve got to play your position.

On fashion, not being accepted in Harlem and people calling them gay:
A$AP is comfortable being black sheep. We were always weirdos. We wanted to be unique. People didn’t accept us in Harlem. They were scared to stand next to Jeremy Scott. Why? Because he’s gay? He’s one of the best designers of our generation. When Rocky wore the Ann Demeulemeester shirt on BET, people called it a dress. It’s some high fashion shit, a $30,000 long-sleeve shirt. We’re on that different type of fly. People who call us gay just aren’t open-minded. “

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Photo via Complex |  Meredith Jenks

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