Model & Actor Spotlight: Dylan Ayisi (Part 2)

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Dylan styled in a red sweater with black leather sleeves by Modisch and black waxed denim jeans by Zara. His outfit was accessorized with a red & green Gucci “G” Locked Belt with the matching Gucci Hi-Top Sneakers.


This kid looks familiar? Sure does! Last year he crashed YDBR (because his post brought so much traffic to the site) and made it to the number one most popular post on the blog when I featured his modeling and acting pictures. See original story here!

Since then the aspiring model, actor and future entrepreneur has been booming on the Interweb. Dylan has been featured on various Black-fashion site including UrbanDigital and Tumblr. I recently caught up with the rising star and we had a brief conversation about his road to success, future endeavors and fame.

“I am not in a rush to be seen on television or in movies. I am also not rushing to become “famous” or fighting for it. There is a positive and negative side that comes with fame, and one day I have to adjust to it because it’s a part of the industry that I am in,” said Dylan when he was asked if he would like to become famous or seen as a celebrity. He then added, “Honestly, I don’t even want to be famous. I just want to be successful, make myself useful into humanity, put a good deed into society and better my craft in the modeling and movie industry.”

Some of the people who influenced Dylan are actor Hill Harper, media personality & actor Terrance J and director & executive DeVon Franklin. “These individuals influenced me because they are a living testament that you can turn your dreams into reality. I also think that they epitomize the meaning of a successful Black male in Hollywood. Success, education, strength, wealth and tenacity; they represents all of that.

When you are first starting out in the entertainment industry or even trying to pursue your dreams, not everybody understands your drive or see your vision. “Sometimes I think people don’t understand my drive but it is my vision that inspires others. I am all about unity and motivating others to do what they want to do and accomplish their goals. What’s left is working to create your own destiny ”

As far as what’s next for Dylan, we both can agree that we know what the future has to offer him but God controls it and he’s following God’s plans. However Dylan is destined to rise to the top and will not give up. “I’m not going to give up no matter what the circumstances are. I will do everything I was told I can’t do. My parents always told me, “If you are going to start something, it is very important to finish it” and in return I certainly will. It’s just a matter of time”

Dylan ended our conversation by saying, “I believe in being persistence and putting your faith in God because all things are possible with him. I also have a couple of agencies that is looking forward to working with me in the near future.”

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