Evelyn Lozada Covers VIBE Vixen’s Feb/Mar 2013 Beauty Issue

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Evelyn Lozada is becoming a lot more than that loud mouth chick on Basketball Wives. The business woman is covering the Feb/March 2013 issue of VIBE Vixen’s ‘Beauty Issue’. Aside from making headlines for her messy domestic run-in with her ex-husband, former NFL player Chad Johnson, the 37-year-old Latina have been building her empire. Outside of BBW, she released a book, The Wives Association, debuted her Vida Luxe clothing line during London Fashion Week, and inked an endorsement from youthH2o water. She is also expanding her E by Evelyn Cosmetics line. Last year, Evelyn also appeared on Iyanla: Fix My Life. Inside this issue, the Bronx native talked about her relationship with her daughter, what we can expect from her on this season of BBW, her relationship with Chaddating again and much more. Below are some highlights: 


You’ve never shied away from talking about your daughter, Shaniece. Do you feel you’ve given her the tools to feel beautiful?
I’ve never been one of those parents who tell their children, “Oh, you’re getting fat.” I tell her how beautiful she is every day. I’ve always been very open, talking to her about sex and things she needed to know.

Folks are anticipating a new Ev on this upcoming season.
I had people saying, “Stay the same. I need to see all that feistiness.” I’m still going to have my little quotes; this is just who Evelyn is. And at the same time, I need to learn to handle certain situations. But if somebody is coming at me, I’m going to protect myself. It’s not like I’m going to be super perfect because I was on Iyanla and now I’m Mother Mary, because that’s not what it is. But at the same time, instead of going from zero to 1,000, let’s really think before we speak and not get physical. I just have to remind myself of that. It’s a daily thing for me because sometimes you’re tested.

And people are watching so much more intently now. That said, do you see yourself ever wholeheartedly loving or caring for Chad again? In such a public way…
We don’t speak. This is best for the both of us right now. But I think that we’ve gotten some kind of closure. I will forever love Chad and care about him and wish him the best. I don’t have one bitter bone in my body about what happened. For me to be able to move on with my life and find love again, I can’t hold on to that baggage. I pray about it every day; I pray for him every day. I hope when he finds whoever he’s with next, he chooses to do things differently.

Since you’ve been able to put that behind you, are you anxious to date again?
I’m starting to get in that space where I’m open to it. I want to get married and have my twin babies. [Laughs]

I hear you’re expanding E by Evelyn Cosmetics.
Yeah. We’re going to add new palettes, more lip gloss, nail polish. Right now, there are pigments, eye shadows, brushes and a skin-care line. I really love nail polish and having designs on my nails, so we’re going to add those products on the line as well.


Read Evelyn’s interview in its entirety over at Vibe Vixen.

Source: Vibe Vixen

Photography By Ryan Spencer

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