DMX’s Ex-Wife Tashera Simmons Talks To Don Bleek About How The Rapper Lost His Soul But Gained The World, His Drug Issues & Her New Book

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Last week, I sat down with multi-platinum rapper DMX’s ex-wife, Tashera Simmons at the Inc Lounge at The Time Hotel for the NYC premiere screening of the upcoming reality show, Starters Wives Confidential which is set to premiere tonight Tuesday (January 29th) on TLC. Tashera is striving to get her life and finances on track while divorcing her childhood sweetheart, DMX. They have four children together. During our interview, Tashera talked about how the rapper lost his soul but gained the world, the people around him were basically “yes men” and didn’t help him, going from regular broke people in Yonkers, New York to flying around the world, her new book, Finding Tashera and much more.

Let’s take it back to the very beginning when you first started dating DMX. What was it like and what kind of person was he?

DMX was 18 when I started dating him. He was totally a different person; he was very caring, passionate, he was my biggest inspiration. His drive was crazy! I was with him 10 years before he even got into this game and I saw him lose his soul but gained the world at the same time when he was at his height. It was very scary to see and I prayed everyday that it wouldn’t take total control of him but it did.

Do you think the people who were around DMX are part of the reason for his downfalls and did they ever try to help him?

The people around him didn’t help, his drug habits didn’t help, it added to it. It was people in his face yessing him, yessing him, yessing him and the people have a lot to do with his changed and what took place in his life and he is so talented.

He is very talented! I am a fan of DMX; I remember when I first saw him live in concert with Jay-Z and Ja Rule in Philly, when I was a kid. This was probably in 2004, during Jay-Z’s, ‘Jay-Z and Friends Tour’.

Who isn’t a fan of DMX? I am a fan too! [Laugh], but I know who he is. I’ve been around so many celebrities but I never saw someone go in the studio and make something in 15 minutes. DMX is super talented and I am still rooting for him but it is not my job to take care of him anymore. I am finally free! It’s a feeling that all women wants.

I definitely hear you on that one because my mother dated my step pops for 14 years and when she had enough she just gave up and she was so happy to be free and have her freedom back.

So you can relate and we don’t want to bash them or anything, it’s just we’re happy to be free again.

I also read his book, E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography of DMX and he mentioned that you and he were childhood sweethearts, how you were there for him when y’all didn’t have nothing, then one day you guys are filthy rich; living in a mansion, driving nice cars and flying around the world. How did you make the transition from having nothing to the wealthy life because you guys were just regular people from Yonkers, New York?

It happened so fast! One day we were poor and the next day we were rich. It happened so fast that I don’t even think DMX knew how big he was. It was amazing! It was a feeling that I can’t even express in words. We went from not knowing where we were going to get the money from to pay the next bill to having a whole lot of money. We were like, “holy shit!” It was unbelievable! We first realized it, when we went into a store in the mall, because we were just like regular people from Yonkers , but they had to close the store down because people were mobbing and they had to sneak us out through the back door to exit. We just couldn’t believe it! In this industry nowadays, you have to be so strong. I also have to add that I truly love DMX and I never try to throw him under the bus because he’s a good person, he just made bad decisions.

Speaking of DMX being a good person, how did you feel when you heard him making positive songs about you?

I feel like DMX showed a lot of his love toward me in his songs. He put my name in songs, made me feel very important, and put me on a pedestal but sometimes I think “was he doing that because of the things he was doing behind my back.” He was trying to show me how much he loved me but at the same time, he was doing all this other dirt. It made me feel real portrayed like he portrayed me because I feel like I was living a lie. One day he’s talking about me to the world and then he’s doing stuff behind my back. It made me feel good but bad at the same time.

I heard that you have a book coming out. What is the name of it and when will it be out?

It’s called; Finding Tashera and it will be out the end of February.

After we ended our interview, Tashera asked me to stand up, gave me a hug and told me to tell my mother to stay strong, and she wished me the best in my future endeavors. This was by far one of my best interviews. Tashera is a sweetheart. Much success!

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