Notorious Fashion Designer Dapper Dan Talks Early Trends In Harlem

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About a month ago, I was having a phone¬†conversation¬†with one of my industry friends from¬†Brooklyn¬†and he was telling me that he had visited¬†Harlem¬†and stopped by¬†Dapper Dan’s¬†Boutique¬†. This friend also told me that the Notorious¬†Dapper Dan¬†designed clothing for the¬†neighborhood¬†hustler‚Äôs¬†in¬†Harlem, boxers¬†Mike Tyson¬†and¬†Floyd¬†Mayweather, rappers¬†Eric B¬†&¬†Rakim¬†and¬†LL Cool J.¬†Harlem¬†has a great history when it comes to¬†fashion. It is one of the fashion capitals of the world. Each section in¬†Harlem¬†is flashy with fashion and is known for setting trends.¬†Dapper Dan¬†had everyone who was someone in the 80’s and 90’s wearing his custom designed clothing.¬†Hustlers, rappers, boxers and¬†athletes sported¬†Dapper Dan’s¬†custom Louis¬†Vuitton, Gucci,¬†MCM,¬†and¬†Fendi¬†logo¬†pieces.¬†Dapper Dan¬†was known as the godfather of Hip-Hop¬†street wear.¬†Jay-Z’s¬†Life + Times¬†caught up with the notorious fashion trendsetter who has over 30 years in the fashion industry. He and his childhood friend¬†Pee Wee Kirkland¬†chatted about the early trends in¬†Harlem¬†and how he is plotting his return to the fashion industry. Watch below:

For more information about Dapper Dan, visit his site.

Source: Life + Times

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