Fall/Winter 2012 Style: Run Dolo Crewnecks & Hoodies

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Money Bag Crewneck $55

Fashion brand Dolo Clothing released their Fall/Winter 2012 collection which includes crewnecks, hoodies, tee-shirts and caps. The brand is available in shopping boutiques such as Goliath, Villa in Philly, New Jersey & Delaware, Shoe Gallery in Miami, Fly Kix and Threadz in Atlanta, DrJays.Com and KarmaLoop.Com.

Stay Hungry Crewneck $55

Dolo is a small word filled with tremendous substance. They’re a bold movement that has been crucial to the street culture long before becoming a fashion brand. Dolo is imbedded with the ability to stand strong even with your back against the wall. Yet still have the courage, drive, self belief and confidence to rise to the top. They’re a progressive street brand with a conscience voice aiming to inspire.

Funny Money $55

A term or identity filled with substance that was created by the streets: Dolo is the signature for having the strength & courage to be an individual amongst followers. The opportunity to be a rebel for a cause, to go against the grain and be who you are, to be self empowered enough to live your life and pursue your dreams & the understanding that anything in life is possible. But it begins with the belief in you! We shall over-come, we are a voice!

Fresh Out The Box Hoodie $65

Be sure to visit Run Dolo online shop at DoloClothing.Com

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