Nicki Minaj’s Idol Meltdown!!!

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Well Miss Pink seems to have had it with Mrs. Cannon! The not so soft-spoken Nicki Minaj let out a hell of a lot of F bombs towards Mariah Carey during a disagreement of a contestant’s performance at the Charlotte, NC auditions.  Minaj was very upset even stating “I told them, I’m not f—ing putting up with her f—ing highness over there,” says Minaj, at which point you can hear Carey react. “Figure it out!Minaj yells repeatedly. Carey continues responding throughout the video with “Ohhh, why, why, why?” as if she could care less what Minaj had to say.  There have been rumors circulating since about the beef between Carey and Minaj since it was announced that both chart topping artists were going to be judges on the struggling show!  This video puts everything out in the open; you judge for yourself if you think Nicki overreacted and that Mariah could care less. But perhaps the most awkward part with Keith Urban being stuck in the middle and sort of not knowing what to do to stop Minaj’s tirade.Let’s see if this makes the promo commercials. Visit TMZfor the full the video!

What is your take on this nonsense? 

Words by  @TamLewIsTrue

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