T.I. Covers Jet Magazine Wearing Over One Million Dollars Worth Of Black Diamonds

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Grand Hustle rapper and CEO T.I. is covering this week’s edition of Jet magazine. On the cover, T.I. is draped in over one-million-dollars worth of diamonds. Below is an excerpt:

Anyone who has followed the decade-plus years that rapper, actor and multi-business owner T.I. has spent in public view would agree there isn’t much contrast between his career and a cat’s mythical life count. The 31-year-old Georgia native, born Clifford “Tip” Harris, hasn’t needed nine professional revivals per se. He has, though, consistently resuscitated his brand by repeatedly climbing out of darkness that would’ve become a grave for lesser celebrities. Remarkably, with each walk through fire, the self-proclaimed “King of the South” rose from the ashes a wiser and richer man — a broader and brighter star. “I didn’t design my tragedy, but I work hard to make sure negativity doesn’t win over positivity,” he tells JET.

Source: Jet

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