Beyonce Is NOT Feeling Kim Kardashian; She Gave Her The Cold Shoulder AGAIN!

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A friendship should never be forced! It is something that is real and I value my friendship that I have with my friends inside and outside of the entertainment industry. BeyoncĂ© already gave Kim Kardashian the cold shoulder a couple of months ago and Kim is still trying to be friends with Bey. Just let it go and move on! Bey does not want to be friends with Kim. According to the New York Daily News, Kim Kardashian’s repeated attempts to befriend Bey go bust and they barely spoke to each other during Jay-Z’s ‘Made In America’ concert in Philly.

A source tells Confidenti@l that the 16-time Grammy winner gave Kardashian a serious reality check on Saturday night. Kim and BeyoncĂ© barely spoke to each other. They were on opposite sides of the stage. BeyoncĂ© didn’t even acknowledge Kardashian was there until the concert was almost over. But we hear it wasn’t just BeyoncĂ© giving the cold shoulder this time around. Kardashian didn’t make any efforts to go speak to BeyoncĂ© either. Eventually, the women “made small talk in the dressing room, but you could tell Kim was uncomfortable. She clung onto Kanye the entire time and didn’t say much. Kardashian was talking to Jonathan (her best friend that she came with), and Kanye was talking to Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ©.”

Source: New York Daily News

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