THE WAVE IS OFFICIALLY OVER! Max B’s Appeal Denied, Will Be In Prison Until 2042

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The wave is¬†officially¬†over! Rapper Max-B appeal was denied and he will remain in prison until 2042. Earlier today, New Jersey Court of Appeals upheld “The Wavy Baby’s” 2009 conviction for murder, robbery and other charges that happened at a Fort Lee, New Jersey Holiday Inn hotel. Max must serve out his entire 75-year sentence without the possibility of parole until his release on November 9, 2042.

According to NJ, “Charly Wingate, better known in the hip-hop world as ‚ÄúMax B,‚ÄĚ was convicted after¬†Bergen County¬†prosecutors argued during a trial in¬†Hackensack¬†that he deployed his stepbrother, Kelvin Leerdam, and his girlfriend, Gina Conway, to the Holiday Inn on Route 4 to commit the robbery.¬†The two targets of the robbery, David Taylor and Allan Plowden, had been seen a few days earlier in Harlem in September 2006, driving a 2007 Mercedes Benz and showing off lots of cash.¬†Plowden testified during the trial that he had obtained the money from a mortgage and credit-card scheme before being arrested himself. He was an inmate in a federal prison when he testified at the 2009 trial.¬†Conway, who pleaded guilty for her role and testified against Wingate and Leerdam, said she met Plowden in Harlem and that he took her to a¬†Mahwah¬†hotel. She said she later told Wingate that Plowden had lots of cash, and Wingate devised a robbery plan, enlisting Conway as the bait and Leerdam as the muscleman.¬†Wingate was charged as an accomplice although he was not at the scene.”

Source: NJ

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