REUNION RECAP! Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

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OK ladies and gents! Last night the wonderful yet highly entertaining cast of our favorite scripted reality show put on a great production called the “Reunion.”  I must say that the stage team did a great job with the design and the stylists to the cast must have been putting in overtime because surprisingly everyone looked great! So let’s get right to it and break down the production in 4 rounds!

Round 1: Karlie  Redd –vs- Everyone! In a reunion style fashion they played backed all of Karlie’s “highlights” of the season and of course she came off like a blabbering fool who couldn’t keep anything to herself and speaking on things that she had no idea about.  Her defense was that she didn’t want to seem “fake” by not speaking on something that she thought to be true.  K. Michelle added to the foolery by bringing up Karlie’s messiness yet again and it was just as funny as the first time we heard about Karlie’s messy ass; literally and figuratively.  That didn’t stop Karlie, she mentioned that we should have seen K. Michelle’s teeth before she got them fixed (hold on, while I take a break to Google K. Michelle BT [before teeth]….. right after I figure out if Zino will get Karlie some new teeth as well, since hers seem to be fighting for space!). Then they mentioned her daughter and that seemed to be a sore spot for Karlie and although she participates in this ratchetness every week, I guess she does have boundariesbecause she didn’t want her daughter mentioned in any way, shape or form….. (I’m still giving her messy ass a serious side eye). I think this round goes to Everyone and leaves Karlie someone in LHH bliss where she secretly believes that she has a career!

Now on to the next round….. In this round K. Michelle reappears, but this time she has a new opponent and it’s no other than……

Round 2: K. Michelle –vs- Rasheeda.  So of course this round stemmed entirely from the ongoing debate surrounding K. Michelle’s previous relationship with Memphitz.  As we all know and have heard Rasheeda mention a bunch of times, she is good friends with “them” and she’s heard both sides of the story. But in new developments, Sheeda just came straight out with it and told K that she didn’t believe her and that she’s bipolar. So I guess K said, ohhhh really! Well let my bipolar self tell you all about how you are just jealous because I had a record deal and you didn’t… and in the meantime you are steadily disrespecting your husband. Well, Sheeda threw shade right back and told K. Michelle that she was just jealous and needed to work a little harder if she wanted to get a husband! I am glad that the producers didn’t let a fight happen….. but if there was one, who would your money have been on?  There was no clear winner in this round, just a bunch of talk of jealousy and mental disorders! I’ll let yall decide the winner

Round 3 is  a “couples round” we have Steebie –vs- Scrappy & Joseline –vs- Erica!!!!! Ding, ding, ding!!! So Scrappy came out throwing hooks, talking about the fight was nothing to talk about “He put dem paws on Steebie.” The million dollar question is how many times do you think Scrappy said “you feel me,” but no I didn’t feel him and I wanted him to stop saying it.  Not surprisingly, Steebie was the most calm about the situation and neither confirmed nor denied the extent to which Scrappy put those paws on him although Scrappy insisted that he put Steebie in the hospital. Then the ladies took over and Erica staked her claim and made it known that Joseline didn’t run no show over there and she would say and do as she pleased! Now folks, if I were a betting woman, I would put my last $87.13 on Joseline all the way, I still haven’t recovered from the way she handled Steebie and the bodyguards at the therapy session.  Joseline’s paws would have most definitely sent Erica to a point of no return.  Now Mama Dee and her analogies will be the end of my existence! Am I the only one who cringes whenever she opens her mouth? Her references to a king, prince, and burger king birthday party crown left me hella confused and wishing that Scrappy and his sisters could ask Regis for a lifeline to get a new momma! I just want her to go lay out in the sun and melt! So this round goes to Scrappy and Joseline, so I guess that makes the couples round a draw.

Now the last and final round is our favorite love triangle with a minor addition! Mimi –vs- Steebie –vs- Joseline (with Ariane on the side). And all I will say about this is that I hope that these three (plus one) get their own show! I am thoroughly entertained by this entire situation and although Mimi is trying to save face by saying she never wanted to marry Creepy Steebie, she knows if the writers and producers come up with a spin-off she will gladly sign on and take her check! Although I am ashamed to admit it, Joseline definitely stole the show last night! She’s still crazy and can’t speak English well, but that doesn’t stop her from loving both Mimi and Steebie (see, don’t you laugh too when you think about it?).  And we will finish this round with Steebie’s jerkish attitude towards Joseline’s pregnancy! I will say that he surprised us all by openly admitting that Joseline WAS PREGNANT with his baby!

This entire bout was well fought and before we declare an overall winner we’ll have to see what Part II of the reunion will bring next week.

Stay tuned for more reality TV recaps by @TamLewIsTrue.

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