Swizz Beatz Looking All Dapper For Go See Magazine

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Swizz¬†Beatz¬†was always destined for greatness! Just like me,¬†Swizz¬†is a¬†renaissance¬†man. If you don’t know,¬†Swizz¬†is a music producer, rapper, DJ, fashion designer, creative director for Reebok and much more. He¬†produced for some of the most talented artists in the music industry including¬†DMX, Jay-Z, Beyonc√©, Mary J.¬†Blige, Whitney Houston, Eve,¬†Jadakiss, 50 Cent & many more. He also sold over 300 million records. If that is not enough, Swizz has collaborated with major fashion houses such as Christian¬†Louboutin, Reebok and Aston Martin. Now just in time for New York’s fashion week, Swizz¬†gets all Dapper for the upcoming issue of¬†Go See¬†magazine.¬†Swizz’s¬†black and white photo shoot was shot by NYC based photographer¬†AntoineVerglas¬†¬†.

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