LHHATL Recap: The Drama & Buffoonery From Last Night’s Episode

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Well, the cast of LHHATL strikes again! This time everyone was trying to show their “Loyalty Card” as the title of last night’s episode insinuated.  I’ll just get straight to the point and talk about Scrappy’s foolish ass mama, who wouldn’t win a spelling bee if you gave her the letters “IN THAT ORDER”.  Once again, Scrappy goes to his mom for support and all she can do is call Erica a bitch, which thankfully Scrappy shut that down and told her that was inappropriate.  But Mama Dee in her confessional states that she doesn’t care what Scrappy says, any woman that leaves her son for dead is a “B-I-C-T-H, in that order!”  Ummmmmm, No mam, NOT IN THAT ORDER! I don’t think I laughed that hard in a very long time, and as much as we wished that the “writers and producers” would have edited that segment, we know that this is the thing that reality TV is made of!

Now let’s move along to Stebbie and nem! Mimi and Joseline both know that Steebie and his creepy ass will never change and both vowed to make the choice to leave him even though he is having sex with them both, in which Joseline confirmed to Benzino, that they “make love, sex, dirty sex, we do everything!” mind you, she admitted that they do all of this UNPROTECTED! That seems to be a whole nother topic for a whole other day! If that wasn’t enough to stomach, Benzino actually called Mimi…..wait for it… wait for it…. JOSELINE! Mimi actually handled it way better than I thought she would, because it proved her point that Joseline is around so much that even his friends are mistaking the two.  And Creepy Steebie continues to state that he loves both women and wants everyone to get along . I think Steebie  needs to take his talents over to Sister Wives, because he is on the wrong show.

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Karlie decided to have a conversation with Benzino about his anger and how it reflected their relationship.  Benzino just wanted Karlie to know that no one wants to talk about their career and work all of the time (especially when your career is non-existent).  Karlie failed to mention that his “anger” was sort of justified because she was lying to him about her whereabouts and who she was really working with! Let’s see if Zino will still give Karlie that “rabbit food” he purchased for her!

The highlight this week was K. Michelle and either her very bad relationship which included physical and verbal abuse, or the best acting and most mental case I have seen on reality TV.  Rasheeda appears to be one of the most level-headed “actresses” on the show and her mind is truly boggled by how K. Michelle continually uses a past relationship, who we all know by now was with Memphitz, to say that her name and career was destroyed.  Before last night, Rasheeda never took sides and clearly expressed her discomfort with the entire situation especially since she is very close friends with Toya.  K. Michelle took her “talents” and performed an artistic  piece for a non-profit organization to show the effect that domestic abuse can have and after that performance she still insisted that Memphitz was contacting and threatening her.  She stated that he sent her tweet that said “I made you, I got you teeth” and some other stuff, but you all get the point! She also said she keeps every text from him and could ruin his career and send it to a blog (please contact YDBR and give us the exclusive) but she’s not that type of woman. K. Michelle was pretty upset with Rasheeda for stating that “well maybe he doesn’t apologize because it never happened.”  This sent K over the edge and had her screaming  “after being in a relationship with him for three years and him beating her ass and still having no one believe or fight for her” was a breaking point.  The saga continues on if this really went down or not! It is clear that a man can be with one woman and treat her like dirt and with another and treat her like a queen, this all depends on how a woman allows a man to treat her.  So most are still saying that K. Michelle is lying and delusional!  If she has the proof like she says, she should release it to the public to clear her name and conscience to prove that she isn’t making any of this up!

Now that next week is the season finale we are going to all be left with a slight void…..LOL!  But at least we’ll have the Reunion Show to look forward to. So let’s all brace ourselves to see how this season is going to end and if the writers and cast really finished it with a bang!

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