Miami Takeover 2012 Part 1

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The 5th annual Miami Takeover weekend was held July 20 – July 23, 2012 in Miami Beach, FL.  YDBR team attended some of the events during the weekend and was able to witness how the DMV likes to party!

Friday was Dee Jay Casper’s All white Affair and was the official kick off to the MTO 2012 weekend.  The event was held at the beautiful Nikki Beach on Ocean Drive and at a first glance this event was “Lights, Camera , No Action” because of the line situation and drama from someone’s “momma”, but once we were allowed in the venue and witnessed the sea of white and folks partying, it was obvious that this was the PARTY! Dee Jay Casper was definitely ROCKING the event.   Shayla and her friends from Maryland have attended this event for two years in a row and wholeheartedly agreed that Nikki Beach was by far a better venue than last’s year party.  And because of the great start, she and her girls planned on attending all events that weekend.  Once the yodonbleekraps team entered the second floor, we discovered that’s where the real party was and Big Tigger and comedian Red Grant were spotted in the VIP section.  By 3am the party was still going on and the music was still crunk.

We skipped Saturday’s events and instead decided to check out King of Diamond’s….. and to sum it up in eight words: Everyone Should Witness This Once In Their Life! It is truly an adventure. This place definitely lives up to the hype and if you are in Miami and you can actually find the place, you have to visit.

Words by @TamLewIsTrue (YDBR Copy Editor)


On Sunday we were back in attendance for the MTO 2012 events and first on our list was the” Caught Red Handed” Comedy Show hosted by Joe Clair and featured comedian Red Grant.  Perhaps the highlight of Red’s comedy show was his reference to how he makes a stripper work for a dollar. Especially after witnessing countless people give it away without a second thought on our excursion to KOD’s the night before. He also touched on dancing thugs, being a background singer and directing his very own DMV lyric filled choir.  But the most hilarious joke of the evening was Red’s infatuation with Prince and his excitement to have seen him in concert and even at the constant persistence of his wife to behave himself, he just couldn’t help but fall under the spell of the ole Purple One.

The MTO 2012 weekend was indeed an experience and it seems that most of the DC, Maryland and Virginia area look forward to this event yearly.

Check back for Part II which features the Black Alley Listening Party and Interview

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