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So, Monday night’s episode was entitled “Therapy” but in my opinion it should have been called ULTIMATUM, because the show was filled with them.  I have been saying from the beginning of this season that this show has some excellent writers, but now I have to give credit to the cast… They are pretty damn good!!!!!!

Let’s start with Creepy Stevie and his untrustworthy eyes, they look like they say liar and my point was proven when he admitted to being a liar in his therapy session with Mimi and Dr. Jeff, who made one of the highlights of the show by asking Stevie if he was still “hitting that” referring to his “relationship” and I use that term loosely, with Joseline.

Now I am going to purposely skip over K. Michelle’s song for Mimi because I was to get straight to the foolery that is Karlie! Her manager let her have it and offered me my first gut wrenching laugh of the evening by telling her to “shut-up” and that she needed to choose between love and career as it related to her romance with Benzino.  Each and every time Karlie makes an appearance on the show I am always wondering the same thing: How old is she and who does her lashes? She always looks like a llama on camera!

Words by @TamLewIsTrue (YDBR Copy Editor)


And boy oh boy, instead of secret sessions with a producer, Joseline needs some ESL classes ASAP.  Last week it was her and her “tropika awfit” and this week it was her new singe “Red??????” I couldn’t tell you because I couldn’t understand her.  Just like most women, Joseline thinks her body and her ability to give brain is more powerful than her actual brain and it was clearly evident in her asking Stevie if “He was going to give up all this” (I decided to take the high road and not put it in Joseline’s language!)

I will say that another highlight was Rasheeda actually effectively communicating with her husband, too bad scenes like this don’t add to ratings, but again another ultimatum was offered with Rasheeda asking Kirk to step down and let her explore other management options.  We’ll get to see the outcome of this on next week’s episode.

Then there was Benzino handing over keys like they grow on trees! And Creepy Stevie’s song………. crickets……………………………….. I was more concerned as to why he had on a blazer with a v-neck wife beater with suspenders and no shirt!

And because we here and at don’t really care for the character that is Scrappy, we’ll just say he is quite delusional and that he and his lil cowardly lion that he refers to as a “best friend”, need to go find Dorothy and head down the yellow brick road to find his speech pathologist and his brain.  But before they head to OZ, let’s revisit how Scrappy complained about giving $3,000 to his daughter, yet he was dripping in diamonds and brand new white teeth.  IN THAT ORDER!

Now let’s get back to the therapy session with Creepy Stevie and Mimi.  I want to say in all seriousness, Dr. Jeff touched on some real topics that they both need to address and he summed it up appropriately by saying “Everything we do comes from something else.” Just the fact that Stevie didn’t see a problem or issue with him never asking or seeming concerned about his mother screamed RED FLAG and put a lot of his actions and character into perspective. Next week the threesome of Mimi, Joseline and Stevie will all see Dr. Jeff together.  Hopefully Joseline will finally get the point that Stevie is not her man; stranger things have happened.

So until next week, the Oscar Performance for the best written reality show goes to the cast of Love & Hip Hop ATL  for their dramatic performances on every last Monday of the month!

What other reality shows would you like to see recapped on a weekly basis?

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