Mixing Basketball With Fashion: A Shirtless Dwayne Wade Featured In Vogue Magazine With Supermodel Karlie Kloss

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NBA player Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat is featured in the June 2012 issue of Vogue Magazine. He is photo’d alongside supermodel and ballet dancer Karlie Kloss for the “Top 2012 Olympians” feature. Below is an excerpt about his upcoming 3rd Olympics via Vogue:

“The first time Dwyane Wade went to the Olympics, in 2004, he was really still in awe of his heroes. Having grown up on the South Side of Chicago (where he is at work building a community center), he idolized guys like Michael Jordan, whom Wade, 30, patterned himself after in a lot of ways. “We grew up watching the Dream Team, and we thought it was an honor to be on the team,” he says of his fellow rookie Olympians, players like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. He was shocked when, in Athens, the all-stars lost to Puerto Rico, Lithuania, and then to Argentina in the semi-finals—a golden flop, 89–81. “We had to wait four years to get back and hush everybody up and redeem ourselves.”

“He flew past injuries—you don’t make mind-blowing layups without risking at least your hamstring—to lead the so-called Redeem Team in 2008. He scored big when it mattered, especially in the difficult final game against Spain. When Kobe Bryant and Le­Bron ran into foul trouble early and were benched four minutes into the game, Wade surged ahead, coming up with three three-pointers and reigniting the team’s fight for the gold. Is he surprised to be up for 2012 in London? “I thought Beijing would be my last one, but here I am!”

Via Vogue

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