Exclusive Interview: Lil Durk & Lil Reese Speaks On Signing To Def Jam

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The other day, I reported that up & coming Chicago rappers Lil’ Durk and Lil’ Reese have both signed solo deals with Def Jam. A few hours after signing their solo deals with the prominent Hip-Hop label, the Chi-Town natives phoned in to FSD  from Los Angeles to discuss their new deal and future plans. Read below:

Lil Durk

First and foremost, Durk, congrats to you… Shout out to Fake Shore Drive and Andrew, man. Much love. Shout out to Def Jam for believing. Shout out to all of the artists in Chicago. Stay tuned for the new music, because we’re coming. Know that.

Any idea when we can expect an album or a single on Def Jam? We workin’ on that right now. It’s a work in progress, but we’re trying to figure that all out now. But we’re working.

Last time we spoke, you were supposed to turn yourself in to do a short stretch in jail. Is that still happening? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Def Jam got me an extension of an extra week, which got me out here to LA to sign the deal. I’ve gotta come back to Chicago to do my time, though. I go back in Monday for two months.

Despite that, this is very exciting Yeah, man. Also, Reese and I are the first acts from Chicago to sign straight to Def Jam. No other imprints. We’re straight to Def Jam — no middleman.

Lil Reese

Congrats to you, Reese…Drew, what’s the deal?

Happy for you, homie. What’s the next move? I’m happy to be in position, man. Not too many people get to be in this position I’m in right now.

Did you think it was gonna happen this fast? I mean, I knew it was gonna go happen. But nah, not this fast.

How long was Def Jam scouting you? They’ve been scoutin’ for a little minute.

What’s the next immediate move after signing?  Man, trying to be the best I can. Working on my mixtape. It’ll be here real soon — within the next couple of weeks, for sure.

Source: FSD

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