Was She Hit With The Sophomore Jinx? Nicki Minaj New Album Sold 125,000 Copies Less Than Her Debut Disc

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The numbers are in and Nicki Mianj’sĀ sophomoreĀ album, entitledĀ Pink Friday: Roman ReloadedĀ lands at #1 on this week’s Billboard 200 chart.Ā TheĀ albumĀ moved over 251,000 copies in itā€™s first week and even topped the number one spot on the UKĀ charts. Minaj made history by becoming the first female rapper to take the #1 spot in the UK.

Even though Minaj debuted high on the charts, was she hit with the sophomore jinx?Ā Ā Her debuted album,Ā Pink FridayĀ debuted at number two on the USĀ BillboardĀ 200Ā chart with first-week sales of 375,000 copies, which was almost 125,000 copies more.

In a recent interview with New York’s DJ, DJ Clue Minaj was askedĀ whether she believes in the sophomore jinx:Ā ā€œHell no! This album is gonna sell so much more thanĀ Pink Friday. Ask me this question twoĀ yearsĀ from today, Clue. With me, Iā€™m never about first week and all that. I like to look at it for the long haul. Iā€™ma travel, Iā€™ma meet my beautiful babies, my Barbz everywhere, and this is my first time Iā€™m gonna get to do a world tour, so the album is gonna do its thang.ā€

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