Keeping It Trill: A$AP Rocky Speaks On Generating His Buzz, Music, Style & Fashion

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24-year-old Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky success came overnight, thanks to the Interweb. Every since being introduced to the music industry last spring, Rocky has been keeping it trill with his lyrics, gold grill, Houston influenced flow, expensive taste and dope style. His videos “Purple Swag” and “Peso” combined has over 10-million views on YouTube. His most recent video “Wassup” has the internet going nuts. The video features Rocky in a bathtub with a lot of money, a foreign car, big house, naked women and designer clothes. In October 2011, Rocky signed a $3-million dollar record deal with RCA/Pologrounds. While in Toronto, i-D online interviewed Rocky. Below are some excerpts:

You kind of just came on the scene out of nowhere and immediately generated a lot of buzz, what do you think caught peoples’ attention? I’m this dude from New York talking about this high fashion lifestyle stuff, ignorant stuff and positive stuff all at the same time. It’s just leaving people confused. I like to leave people in a state of mind where they don’t even know what’s going on.  People think I’m illuminati or a devil worshiper because of the “Wassup” video.  People don’t even get the message. So it’s cool. I like people to just wonder, that’s my thing.

You rap a lot about clothes, what’s your first memory of being exposed to fashion? There were these shoes from Alessandro Dell’acqua that I had when I was younger. I also really liked Marc Jacobs.

So how important is fashion to your music? It is what it is. I didn’t realise the importance until people made it a big deal. I’m gonna do this regardless. I might stop name-dropping though. I’m not even gonna rap about brands anymore because I don’t want people to think I’m doing it on purpose. If you see me, you see me; you don’t then you don’t. I don’t even wear stuff with monograms on it because I don’t want people to identify what I’m wearing. I don’t want no name brand tags and labels and all that. You’re supposed to try to figure out, “What does this dude have on right now?” Only a real fashion dude would know.

Who are your five favourite designers right now… This guy right here (points at his jacket) Raf Simons, of course Rick Owens, Jeremy Scott, Alexander Wang and I want to say ksubi.

Source: I-D Online

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