Reppin For The Projects: Dollah Tha Rapper Releases Two Freestyles [With Videos]

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Yes, he is from low-income houses just like me and yes he rep that to the fullest just like myself. In his music, @DollahThaRapper speaks on various topics that go on in the inner cities such as drug-related activities, killing, credit card scams, hustling, females using what they have to get what they want, family struggles, living in poverty, the importance of education and sex safe, respecting yourself and much more. He is NOT glorifying those issues but he is bringing awareness to what goes on in the projects from his prospective, so people won’t have the wrong impression of what really goes on in the inner cities. He is also using his voice as a way to let those kids in the projects know that he been through what they’re going through and they have to stay focus to overcomes those issues. His music is an inspiration to the youth. This spring 2012, Dollah will be releasing his free Extended Play (EP) on the Interweb. Listen to the track below:

“One Mic (Freestyle)”

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“The Motto (Freestyle)”

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