A Dope Rapper With An Eye For Fashion: A$AP Rocky Talks Fashion In The Latest Issue Of SNEEZE Magazine

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You guys should know who A$AP Rocky is by now. The Harlem rapper is one of the dopest new artists in the music industry. Last October, this 24-year-old rapper signed a $3 million deal with RCA/Pologrounds and dropped his debut mixtape LiveLoveASAP. The Harlemite is featured in the new issue of NYC/Vancouver-based magazine SNEEZE. Writer Joe La Puma sat down with Rocky for an exclusive interview. In it, Rocky talked about getting his style from his brother, being a trendsetter, getting free clothing and f**king with label executives. Below are some excerpts:

You’re definitely a fashion-forward dude, where did you get your fashion-sense from?

My brother taught me how to style. Like, he was light-skinned with all the girls and shit. His nickname was “Pretty Ricky,” so he used to get all the girls and I was like, “I want to be like him.” He was “Pretty Ricky” and I’m that “Pretty Motherfucker” and I’m trying to walk in his shoes. Honestly, I wear whatever I don’t see everybody else wearing. Like these are black ACNE jeans. They look regular, but not many people are wearing these. I like that. Then I have my fucking army coat ’cause I’m still gutter, and Timbs on ‘cause I still do this. This is just for sound check, wait till you see what I have on tonight. Might come through with some Alexander Wang, stylin’ on motherfuckers yo, Rick Owens and shit.

Have you always been a trendsetter?

Hell fuckin’ yeah! In high school I had all the hoes on my dick. Ask anybody man, I used to go to high school around the corner from here. The School for the Humanities, it’s right around the corner from where we are right now and I used to have all the hoes. All the hoes.

I bet now you’re getting a lot of free shit.

Oh, hell yeah, but not from the brands I really want free stuff from. Raf Simons didn’t call me, Jeremy Scott still didn’t call me, Rick Owens didn’t. They might soon, hopefully.

How fun was it fucking with label execs?

Oh my God! One executive, he wanted me to come to his office and I’m like, “Yo, you got to take me shopping at Barneys first because I got to look presentable for the interview. If you don’t, then I can’t come.” I told him I needed these new Lanvin shoes and Marc Jacobs pants, and to make sure he had them. He was like, “You’ll get it Monday, don’t worry about it.” I was like, “No, it’s not going to happen.” He ended up going, and missing his flight to LA. After it he was like, “You made me late for my flight motherfucker.” That was fun.

Head over to SNEEZE‘s website now to order a copy.

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