Silly Willy Says: Don Bleek Interviews Miami’s Fashion Designer Kenny G

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Growing up in South Florida, Kenny G always had a love for music and fashion. He turned his dreams into reality. Kenny G was apart of a Hip-Hop crew called “Get Some Crew,” which sold over one-million albums. In 2008, Kenny G launched SillyWillySays. Patrick Peterson, Michael German and MMA fighter Debo are just a few celebrities who were seen rocking tee shirts from the SillyWillySays collection. For the Spring/Summer 2012 collections, we can expect more affordable clothing with a quality look. All of SillyWillySays shirts are sold in recyclable cans. I recently interviewed Kenny G. We talked about his clothing line, inspirations and of course, the empire he is building. You can order some of SillyWillySays tee-shirts and hats online at Peep my interview with Kenny G below:

What inspired you to create a clothing line?

My love for fashion is the reason why I started  SillyWillySays.

What is the inspiration behind your clothing line?

Recycling, my love for the earth and saving trees.

How did you come up with the name of your clothing line and why did you chose to name your clothing line SillyWillySays?

I was promoting a party and needed a cool way to get the word out about my party. Since I’ve  always been in the entertainment business mostly as a rapper, I would come up with catchy hooks, so I kept repeating names that rhyme and SillyWillySays was cool and very ear catching.

How do you come up with the slogans for the shirts?

Most saying are from things I see everyday or hear someone say that don’t make sense, funny or catchy.

How long have you been in the fashion industry and when exactly did your clothing line launched?

I have been doing this for about 3 years and we have always been a huge local brand. We launched worldwide June 2011.

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After the launch of your clothing line, how long did it take for it to take off?

Sense we had already had a big buzz in the streets, it took off quickly.

How did you get your clothing line started as far money for the material, ways to market and promote your clothing line and advertising? 

I was in a rap group called “Get Some Crew” and we sold over a million records, so I was able to use a lot of the money I made rapping to invest in my clothing line.  I also used my music and videos to promote my line.

A lot of urban apparel companies are going out of business because of the economy, what are doing to keep your clothing line in business?

The most exciting thing that makes us stand out is that we are the first Urban clothing line to Go Green, meaning most of our cloths are made from recycle materials, like plastic bottles, paper, tires and trees.

In the future, where do you see yourself and your clothing line ?

SillyWillySays is very well know as “ad wear” so our goal is to market and promote other companies products on our tee-shirts and hats. We also have different lines like “Sexy For No Damn Reason,” “Gay Is The New Black” and “What’s Your N word?” They’re all lines from SillyWillySays. We place the SWS logo in different locations on those lines also.

Have any rappers, athletics or celebrities worn your clothes? 

Arizona  Cardinals first round draft  pick Patrick Peterson, Tennessee State University Quarter Back Michael German, MMA fighter Donald aka ” Debo,” and we made up his slogan “SillyWillySays : Welcome To Debo’s World.”

Silly Willy Says have been in Miami, what’s next for the tee-shirt line?

We are apart of the Winter Music Conference (WMC), which is an annual event on South Beach, every March.

What stores and what cities are Silly Willy Says sold in?

We are not sold in stores I have been approached by whole sellers and at this time our success have been doing very well on our website

What can we expect from the Spring/Summer 2012 line?

March 22,2012 WMC on South Beach, we are doing a GO Green school tour ( it’s a 45 minute seminar teaching kids the purpose of going green ) and we are still looking for sponsors that we can advertise for our huge “Go Green School Tour.”

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