Rising Star: Harlem’s Femcee Azealia Banks Signs To Universal Music

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20-year old Harlem native Azealia Banks has officially inked a deal with Universal Music. Banks is a very popular rapper-singer, from NYC and she had a major buzz before she signed on the dotted line. Banks will be releasing her debut album later this spring. Banks took to her official Twitter account @AzealiaBanks to share her excitement. “I am now officially signed to Universal Music,” she announced via Twitter.

Kanye West was reportedly interested in signing Banks. Her video for “212” gathered over 2.5 million views on YouTube. Banks continued her Twitter rank by saying, “God dealt me a really fucked up hand at birth. Half the shit I’ve been through & successfully gotten through would blow some of your minds,” she tweeted. “God just dealt me a new hand today. I reaaaaaaaaaaallllly good hand.”

Congrats goes out to Azealia Banks from the YDBR family. Welcome to the music industry and give it all you got. The sky is NOT the limits, it’s just the view.

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