Owwww, So Wavy: Max-B Still Planning For Release From Prison & Talks His Future Plans

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Harlem’s jailed rapper Max B is still in a positive spirit, despite being sentenced to 75-years in prison for a 2006 botched robbery attempt of two men in a Fort Lee, New Jersey Holiday Inn. Biggaveli is currently waiting on the decision of his appeal. Biggaveli is also releasing his autobiography The Wavy Baby, which will be out soon. In his upcoming memoir, Biggaveli will discuss his life, growing up in Harlem, and personal relationship with Jim Jones and Chrissy. Popular site AllHiphop.com chatted with Biggaveli for a quick second, He talked bout his future plans once he’s released from prison and still pursuing his music career. Below are some excerpts:

On his future plans when he is released from prison.

“I just want to get home, chill be with the kids and family , spend some good quality time , eat a good meal smoke a fat one and get a bottle of that (Grand) Cru [cognac].”

On still pursuing his music career.

“I gotta get back to what I do, I can’t even play with it, I got some real plans for the touch down,” Max B. said. “I want to do some nice work , I wanna drop a double album and give it to the people for real.”

Source: AllHipHop

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