She Is Famous & Still Not Denying Her Past: Amber Rose Speaks On Being A Stripper, Pregnancy Rumors & Being Compared To Kim Kardashian

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It was just a little over three years ago when the world was introduced to Amber Rose, after being known as the blondeĀ bald-headed girl on Kanye West’s arms. Back then, she didn’t say much and deniedĀ invitationsĀ to do interviews. After traveling the world, flying private planes, staying in the best hotels, wearing the most expensive andĀ exclusiveĀ designer clothes, on the behalf of Kanye, this South Philly native was living the life. As they say, “not all good things last forever” and that is what exactly happened in Rose case. She ended her relationship with Kanye and is now dating rapper Wiz Khalifa. Celebrity blogger Necole BITCHIE caught up with Rose for an exclusive interview. Rose talked about her past as a stripper, pregnancy rumors, being compared to Kim Kardashian and much more. Below are some excerpts:

Letā€™s rewind back to your life in Philly. You became a stripper at a very young age..

When I turned 15, me and my mom became homeless. Thatā€™s when I started dancing, and my childhood was overĀ after that.

What was your momā€™s reaction?

Well, she didnā€™t know until I was about 18 and then she found out. I think she kind of knew, but she didnā€™t know. It was something that we never fully spoke about. It was just ā€œOkay, I know what it is, and thank you, but I wish you didnā€™t do that.ā€ But I did what I had to do to survive. And thatā€™s the argument that I have with a lot of people who downed me for what I did when I was very young. You know they praise drug dealers that take care of their family and praise men. And I just feel like as women we just need to stick together and [understand] each otherā€™s struggles and support each other.

Source: Necole BITCHIE

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Iā€™m going to be honest with you; When I ran into you at the Soul Train Awards, you were all covered up and I said, ā€˜I think sheā€™s pregnantā€™.

[laughs] Iā€™m not pregnant

I said that because when you first hit the scene. Your style was more revealing. There were photos of you on Miami Beach in a g-string, now you are always covered up from head to toe.

Iā€™m still very comfortable with my body. I feel like having my breasts out on the beach is freedom for me. I can do it. I donā€™t live in Iraq. I donā€™t live in the Middle East. Iā€™m a woman, and Iā€™m free, and I live in America. Iā€™ve embraced my body; not in a sexual way, but just the fact that Iā€™m young and I can. Iā€™m still very comfortable with that, but also I grew up. I grew up a lot.

When I fist came on the scene, I was with my ex. I was 25 years oldā€“I had just turned 25, and I was very young, and I was very impressionable. I wasnā€™t the same person I am now. Now, Iā€™m a business woman. Iā€™m a lot smarter. Iā€™ve learned a lot. Iā€™m like a wife now, and itā€™s just a different life.

It seems like no matter what you do, people are always going to compare you to Kim Kardashian, how would you say you are different?

One, I wasnā€™t born with a sliver spoon in my mouth. I didnā€™t grow up privileged. I didnā€™t grow up with money. I grew up with a struggle like most people in the United States grew up with a struggle. Iā€™m more relatable to the average girl. Iā€™m not willing to doĀ anythingĀ for money. It has to be something that I really, really believe in. If that was the case, I wouldā€™ve been way more well off then I am now. I wouldā€™ve done things I didnā€™t want to do for money. I feel like since I never sold my soul to the devil, Iā€™ve been blessed so much now to have the opportunity to do all the things Iā€™m doingā€“not to say that she did.

I just have to do me and make sure I keep it positive and make sure these young girls who look up to me know theyā€™ll struggle and know that theyā€™re going to make mistakes in life, and theyā€™ll overcome it, just like I did.

Read the entire interview over at Necole BITCHIE.

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