Love Her Or Hate Her, She Made It Out The Ghettos Of South Philly: Amber Rose Talks “Fame” & Having Babies With Wiz Khalifa

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Model, actress and soon-to-be pop singer Amber Rose has many reasons to be smiling. Yesterday, the South Philly native released her debut single, entitled “Fame” Ft. Wiz Khalifa. In the past two-days, the record have been getting a lot of great feedback. Rose is currently in NYC, making her promo rounds. The YBF, chatted with Rose about “Fame,” having babies with her rapper boyfriend Wiz Khalifa in the future, modeling, her reality show and much more. Below are some excerpts:

Some people are going to say you don’t have any skills and Wiz Khalifa just handed you a song and a deal.  Why go the obvious route of having him on the track…and how do you respond to critics of “Fame”?  “I put ‘Fame’ out for free and I’m not making any money off of it.  It’s very appropriate for my life now as it’s about the pros and cons of fame.  Wiz is on the track because he’s a very big part of my life. And Wiz did not help me with the record at all.  I did the record and sent it to him while he was overseas on tour, and that’s when he heard and loved it and jumped on it. I mainly did the song to open the doors into my life and let people know what I deal with everyday.”

Do you think fame is becoming too easy to obtain nowadays? “I don’t think fame is easy.  I think that if you are very interesting, like you have a unique look….people become fascinated with you.  I get a lot of scrutiny because people say that I am famous for no reason, but they don’t count the fact that I have walked runways in Paris, London and New York.  And with my body type….that’s a really big deal.  It’s ground breaking.  I’ve been in high fashion magazines and people took an interest in me.  I can’t make people google me and look me up.”

You and Wiz are very tight these days. Do you see kids in the near future? Absolutely. We want to have a lot of babies!

How do you keep the relationship balanced and fresh? I think….I don’t know. We are just really in love. Every second we have to spend together we do spend together.

Source: The YBF

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Did you always want to make an album? “I always wrote music, but I was kinda shy or I just felt it wasn’t for me.  But I’ve been inspired by the people around me to come out with what I’ve written.  Wiz inspired me to do it.”

Are you completely giving up on the modeling aspect of your career? “I’ve been modeling for a long time, even when I was Philly. But it’s time for me to do something different.  I’ve kind been there and done that.  I just really wanted to change my path a bit.”

Are you still filming your reality show? “I decided not to do it because reality tv does not allow you to be yourself.  You have to put on this act and it’s all fake.  When I was doing my trailer for one reality show, I realized all of that and I was like–this isn’t for me.”

How did you get the job on Master of The Mix? “I did a Smirnoff flavored vodka campaign and that was a part of my campaign.  Smirnoff sponsors the show.”

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