Harlem Fly Boys: My Exclusive Interview With Up & Coming Rappers Co Ice & T Stacks

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A few weeks ago, I stopped by Harlem’s up and coming rappers Co Ice and T Stacks studio session, in Manhattan, New York for an exclusive interview. These two fly guys from Uptown were getting out of a Benz, carrying their Louis Vuitton luggage when I pulled up. They were coming from the airport, after performing in North Carolina. Styling on them lames in True Religion jeans and Fendi belts, Co Ice and T Stacks has the style, talents and personalities to become the next big thing out of Harlem. They are currently grinding, working hard and recording tracks for their upcoming solo mixtapes as well as a Snow Gang mixtape with Lady H and a few others. While eating over a plate of soul food from Sylvia’s and drinking Rose Moet, we talked about growing up in Harlem, how the hustla’s in the 70’s and 80’s influenced their music, newly signed rapper A$AP Rocky, collaborating with Vado and much more.

Where are you guys from?

Harlem World

How long have you been rapping?

T. Stacks: My whole life. It started with poetry in elementary school.

Co Ice: 12 years.

What inspired you to rap?

Co Ice: My Life.

T Stacks: Harlem, my life, the life around me.

How did you guys linked up with Lady H and Snow Gang?

Co Ice: Just grinding and she needed some talent. Then we knew mutual people, which made it easier.

T Stacks: I knew Lady H since I was a young boy, she was always out there on 115th Street.

When I listen to “Otis” freestyle, I hear you guys rapping about hustling in the projects, did the hustlers in Harlem influenced your music?

Co Ice: Guy Fisher, Alpo and Rich Porter influenced 90% of the rappers. My man’s A-Ron and Dave who are currently in the Feds also influenced my music.

T Stacks: Rich, Po and a few other former drug lords influenced Harlem. Our city wouldn’t be Harlem without them. Harlem period influences my music, my life and the everyday struggle. Now we’re going hard with this music and are inspiring our younger man’s and that inspires us right back.

Co Ice and T Stacks “Ortis (Freestyle)”

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A$AP Rocky is a rapper from Harlem and he’s buzzing. He recently signed a $3 million deal with Pologroundz/RCA, how do you feel about him?

Co Ice: Overall I like him, he’s different. He’s from Harlem, he’s grinding and I respect his work. Do I listen to his music personally, no because we don’t talk about the same thing. I’m NOT saying lyrically he’s not good but that’s what I prefer not to listen too. I’m going respect him though because he’s from Harlem and he’s grinding.

Another rapper from Harlem who is poppin is Vado and he’s signed with Cam’ron. You guys are affiliated with Jim Jones and Byrd Gang, have you ever thought about recording a track with him?

Co Ice: That’s going come. Nothing happens over night. Right now we’re focusing on getting done what Snow Gang has to get done. Whatever Lady H puts in front of us, we going from there.

Back in the spring, I interviewed Lady H and she was telling me that you guys were working on a Snow Gang mixtape, what the status of the disc?

T. Stacks: It’s coming soon.

If you guys could sign to a label what label would it be and why?

Co Ice: Any label, as long as the offer is good and we’re able to bring the whole Snow Gang with us. Wherever is best suitable for us.

Do you prefer to take the indie or major route?

T Stacks: Which ever label offers us the best situation. We’re not going major and go sit on the shelf. That’s not working for us.

“Summer Time” Co Ice Ft Tug

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