Love & Hip-Hop: Emily B Isn’t Feeling How The Show Portrayed Fabolous & Speaks On Shooting A Family Show With Him

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This past Wednesday (December 14),Ā Pynk MagazineĀ and OR-G Liqueur held a celebration for Emily B of Love & Hip-Hop at Veranda restaurant and lounge in New York City. A few industryĀ journalists, influencers, blogger as well as singers Bridget Kelly and Teairra Mari attended this invited only event. I was not there because I was at anotherĀ engagement in Atlanta, which I will have more on soon. I am hearing that Emily’s event was nice and the peopleĀ sipped signature cocktails, and dined on delicious French fare.Ā caught up with Emily for a brief conversation. Below are someĀ experts:

You just wrapped season 2 of Love & Hip Hop, but there doesnā€™t seem to be much love happening right now.Ā 

You know, thatā€™s my biggest problem with the show. It really only shows the negative in our relationships. I realize that itā€™s from my point of view but then the show paints Fab as this bad guy. They never mention all of the positive things he does. Fab does a LOT of community work, he has a non-profit and heā€™s a wonderful father.

Do you think thatā€™s one of the main reasons he refused to participate in the show?

No. Actually Fab didnā€™t want to do the show because he felt like he wouldnā€™t have any equity in it. He feels like heā€™s at a place in his career where he should have some ownership in everything that he does. That was the main reason why he wonā€™t do it.

Now you know the long-running speculation that your decision to do the show lead to the end of your relationship.

Thatā€™s not true at all. In fact, Fab and I shot a VH1 pilot ourselves, before Love & Hip Hop came along.

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Really? What was the premise?

The show was supposed to just be about Fab, myself and our kids. Most people donā€™t know that. But yeah, thereā€™s a pilot out there somewhere with the four of us. And Fab is working on his ownā€¦You know what, Iā€™ll stop there (laughs)

So what is happening between you and Fab? Are you guys back together?
No. Fab and I are cool. Thatā€™s it. Weā€™re raising our son.

So then whatā€™s up with your love life?
What love life? Itā€™s non-existent. Iā€™m in that weird in between stage where Iā€™m not where I was, but Iā€™m also not ready to date anyone else.

When you are ready, will you date another rapper?
Absolutely not. I would prefer not to date anyone else in the music industry. Iā€™d like to date someone with a normal life, like a school teacher. In fact thereā€™s a teacher at my daughters school that I have a little crush onā€¦Iā€™m just kidding.

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