Love & Hip-Hop: Do You Really Know Juelz Santana’s Wifey Kimbella?

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Model and actress Kimbella Vanderhee is one of the newest cast members VH1‘s reality show Love And Hip-Hop. She is also rapper Juelz Santana girlfriend and the mother of his youngest son. On the premiered episode, Kimbella revealed that she dated Emily’s ex-boyfriend/mother of his son Fabolous. Instead of focusing on the drama, Kimbella is focusing on her career as a singer and actress. GlobalGrind caught up with Kimbella to talk about Fabolous, Juelz, her fight with Chrissy Lampkin and Love & Hip-Hop. Below are some excerpts:

On how she got involved with the show.

I was scouted by Vh1. They were looking for someone extreme. I have a relationship with Juelz Santana and we have a child together. So we have a really nice family. With my stuff that’s going on, I’m transitioning from modeling into singing and acting. I’m building my Bella brand. So it made me a good character for the show.

On her relationship with Juelz and him being a good dad.

Yeah. We’ve been together since you guys have known of us being together. Yes, we are happily together. Our son is 14 months. I have another child who’s nine. So we have one big happy family. It’s really good. You know him as this rap artist, hardcore. But really with his kids, it’s like he’s in awe all day, all night with his kids. It’s really nice to see that different side of him all the time. I don’t see him as Juelz Santana. I see him as a father and as my man.

Source: Global Grind

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On starting a career as a model

I really got started back in 2003, but I didn’t launch out into becoming a professional model until 2009 when I was first published in Smooth magazine. And that’s where it really lifted off from.

On dating rapper Fabolous.

Oh wow. I don’t want to give any detail on Fab. I don’t want to give him any 15 minutes of fame. I’m in a really happy relationship. But that’s really what it is. I dated him. That’s it. There’s nothing else to say. I admitted it on national TV.

On knowing about Emily

No, I didn’t. If I knew, I wouldn’t have f*cked with him. I wouldn’t deal with him. I just want you guys to tune in on Monday, every Monday, and you guys will see for yourself exactly what happened, why it happened, how it happened, and the outcome from everything and the aftermath.

On her fight with Chrissy?

That was in the supertrailer. Once you guys tune in on Monday, it’ll be a full one hour episode, and you’ll see a lot of different things happening. That was a big situation that did happen unfortunately. But of course I didn’t expect for that to happen because she was so close to being in my family because of Juelz and Jim’s relationship. Editing is a bitch. So I wasn’t happy with it at all. I’m going to just chill until I see the first episode.

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