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I did not blow-up in this industry overnight. My road to success or journey to where I am is because of my trust in GOD, hard work, and paying my dues. In the past, I interned at XXL magazine, Complex magazine, Global Grind and is now a contributing writer for Hip Hop Weekly. I got those internships because of my hard work, dedication and talents. I didn’t have that major push, a co-sign or major label backing me. I took the independent route and invest my own money into my projects; along with Dollah Tha Rapper money. We did this together. Now I am the CEO and President of and YoDonBleekRaps management and Dollah Tha Rapper is the CEO of Dyme Gang Records. Together we are building our brands. I’m capitalizing off my past internships and using it as a stepping stone and nobody should blame me for it. You have to respect me. There have been so many people with opportunities to build something but they didn’t take advantage of it. They let it slip right by them. I  stepped up and established myself in a different, more respectable, and lucrative way. What I am doing has never been done before. I am the first blogger to actually start a music management company with just $2,000 inside of my college dorm room and to actually have my clothing line; which will debut later this Fall. I did this all independently too. Nobody backed me or gave me a handout. I epitomize what a Black male from the projects and inner cities stands for. Education, strength, success, wealth and beauty,  I represent all of that.

I keep a book with me and always write down my goals, dreams and thoughts. Whenever I accomplish them, I check it off. I am Don Bleek, I’m hands on with everything. I don’t allow anyone to control Dollah and I projects. We do that ourselves. We will NEVER sell our souls for this industry. The industry didn’t make us and it defiantly CAN’T break us. My supporters mean  a lot to me. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be the person who I am today.

At the end of the day, I’m a hustla, a boss, a role model and most importantly a motivation to others.

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Donovan is the CEO and Editor-In-Chief of For all general inquiries please email Donovan has a BA in Journalism & Media Studies from the prestigious Rutgers University. He's currently studying entertainment and fashion law.

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