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I did not blow-up in this industry overnight. My road to success or journey to where I am is because of my trust in GOD, hard work, and paying my dues. In the past, I interned at XXL magazine, Complex magazine, Global Grind and is now a contributing¬†writer¬†for Hip Hop Weekly. I got those internships because of my hard work, dedication and talents. I didn’t have that major push, a co-sign or major label backing me. I took the independent route and invest my own money into my projects; along with Dollah Tha Rapper money. We did this together. Now I am the CEO and President of¬† and YoDonBleekRaps management and Dollah Tha Rapper is the CEO of Dyme Gang Records. Together we are building our brands. I’m capitalizing off my past internships and using it as a stepping stone and nobody should blame me for it. You have to respect me. There have been so many people with¬†opportunities to build something¬†but they didn’t take¬†advantage¬†of it. They let it slip right by them. I¬†¬†stepped up and established myself in a different, more respectable, and lucrative way. What I am doing has never been done before. I am the first blogger to¬†actually start a music management company with just $2,000 inside of my college dorm room and to actually have my clothing line; which will debut later this Fall. I did this all independently too. Nobody backed me or gave me a handout. I¬†epitomize what a Black male from the projects and inner cities stands for. Education,¬†strength, success, wealth and beauty, ¬†I represent all of that.

I keep a book with me and always write down my goals, dreams and thoughts. Whenever I accomplish them, I check it off. I am Don Bleek, I’m hands on with everything. I don’t allow anyone to control Dollah and I projects. We do that ourselves. We will NEVER sell our souls for this industry. The industry didn’t make us and it¬†defiantly¬†CAN’T break us. My supporters mean ¬†a lot to me. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be the person who I am today.

At the end of the day, I’m a hustla, a boss, a role model and most importantly a motivation to others.

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Donovan is the CEO and Editor-In-Chief of For all general inquiries please email Donovan has a BA in Journalism & Media Studies from the prestigious Rutgers University. He's currently studying entertainment and fashion law.

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