Nice Cover Story: Waka Flocka Interviews Tyler, The Creator For Interview Magazine

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Odd Future’s front man, Tyler the Creator recently did an over the phone interview with Waka Flocka Flame and Dimitri Ehrlich for Interview magazine. Tyler, the Creator talked about what is so odd about the future, if  Odd Future a hip-hop heavy-metal group or a punk-rock rap group and how did the group get the name OFWFKTA. Tyler also talked about doing the things that he and his band mates rap about in their lyrics. Below are some excerpts:

FLAME: Well, I’m gonna ask you a couple questions.

TYLER: Sick. I’m ready. I just wanna state, though, that “Keep It Real” is, like, my favorite fuckin’ song by you. That’s, like, in my top 10 songs ever. That’s my shit. You throwin’ it out there. Okay, so now you could start the whatever.

FLAME: All right. So firstly, what do y’all think is so odd about the future?

TYLER: What’s odd about the future? I think we’re all gonna die pretty soon, and the animals are gonna take over—like ostriches and shit. I think they’re gonna take over the world and we’re gonna be their slaves.

FLAME: So would you describe Odd Future as a hip-hop heavy-metal group? Or a punk-rock rap group?  How do you describe what you and your crew do?

TYLER: I don’t like either description. I don’t like being put in a box. I just make music, you know? When you’re put in a box, people have a set mind-state of what your music could sound like before they even look into it. Like, if no one ever heard of me, but I’m hip-hop-metal-rock, then they’re already gonna have an expectation of what the music will sound like. Then, when they go in and finally listen to it, it might be different from what they thought, and they could automatically hate it because they already had expectations.

FLAME: Do y’all actually do any of the stuff y’all talk about in your lyrics?

TYLER: Well, I don’t rape chicks . . . I have punched a girl in the eye . . . Um . . . What else? I say a lot of shit and it just depends . . . Sometimes it’s just ’cause shit is funny.

Read the entire interview online over at Interview magazine.

Source: Interview magazine

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