Pilar Sanders Talks About ‘Single Ladies,’ ‘Football Wives,” Her Perfume Line & Charities With Don Bleek

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Pilar Sanders is no stranger to the spotlight. She’s a mother, wife, entrepreneur, philanthropist, actress, model, reality star and perfumisa. Pilar and her husband Deion Sanders had their own reality show titled, Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love, she was a cast member on VH1’s Football Wives and is featured in a few episodes of Single Ladies. She’s the definition of a female hustla. She has her own line of perfume and working on developing a R&B artist. With all this success, Sanders still finds time to balance her career and give back to her community; with her charities. I caught up with Pilar Sanders for an exclusive interview. Pilar talked about her charities, being featured in VH1’Single Ladies, Football Wives, her perfume line and much more.

How did you make a transition from being a mother and wife to becoming a major reality star and a successful model and actress?

I modeled and acted before I was married and decided that after my babies were able to walk, talk, go to school and cook, that I would come back to doing the work I love. Being a Wife, Mother and Actress is a part of who I am; so the transition was very seamless and of course in reality, it’s simple because it’s me and my life basically what I do all of the time. It’s me ‘Unplugged” LOL

How do you deal with being a mother, wife, model, actress, and reality star; Is it hard to balance all of those things?

Balancing life in general is challenge. With so many hats to wear as a women ‘dealing’ is not an option! “Making it happen” is what it is if I want to accomplish anything.

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You still find time to give back to the communities, with your charities, can you please tell us a little about your charities?

One of our 501C3’s – ‘Sanders Claus’ bridges communities and corporations together and helps make dreams come true. We answer wishes all year-long big and small. From a young lady who was confound to her wheelchair and had out grown it by eight years requesting help purchasing another one. Her medical coverage refused to pay anything towards the cost of a new chair which was over $20,000 so we raised the money to custom build her a state of the art chair with all of the bells and whistles, We partner with companies to build homes, furnish homes, stock refrigerators and cupboards, build desperately needed wardrobes, sent individuals to back to school and college so they could better their lives. Some are small things that people want to happen in their lives and some are larger, but nothing is too insignificant to ask for! The other non-profit is ‘Prime Time Association’, (which houses out TRUTH athletic teams) where we focus on building up families; we attract the children with athletics and academics. Through the kids we were able to reach parents/grandparents and teach them about financial literacy, nutrition, healthy food and portion choices, working out and living a healthier lifestyle. We have a youth summer camp academic /athletic camp for boys and girls that’s eight weeks long. We’re very involved. We have track teams, football teams, soccer, and baseball. All year-long we have off-season training for parents and kids. It’s a part of our lives.

I read in your bio that you and Deion are opening up a charter school this year, can you speak on that?

Our Charter school is spec’ed to open this year and it really came about because we realized that we really need to keep our hands on these kids year around. We have such a wonderful staff of coaches and teachers who combined have over 40 years in professional sports and teaching. Their experience from a professional standpoint of academics, athletics and life in general is priceless. We’re getting request from across the nation to send kids to our academy and it’s not up and running yet. So hopefully in after two to three years of having the charter school up and running we will be able to house students as well.

You really do a lot for the community, how important is it for you to give back and when you were coming up, did you have anyone who gave back to you and your neighborhood?

I was taught from a young girl to give my time, toil and talent whenever I could. I saw my mom and dad give back all of the time to many different groups. I grew up giving back and volunteering my time with my mother year round. I was also awarded quite a few community scholarships and funds that which helped me pay for my books when I went to college at Syracuse University. So I whole heartedly believing in giving back and helping others however I can.

In 2008, you and Deion Sanders produced and starred in your own reality TV show on the Oxygen Network, titled Deion & Pilar: PrimeTime Love, which was often described as “the 21st century Huxtables,” why did you and Deion decided to let the world into your lives?

We we’re really tired of seeing African-American families portrayed so negatively. At that time, I there were only Run’s House and Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood on TV (which we enjoyed) amongst a mired of Caucasian family shows to choose from. We wanted show our audiences another perspective of an ethnic family show. There were a lot of issues that we wanted to share with our supporters in the realm of having problems but dealing with them and solving them in a positive, and humorous way

In my opinion, you guys epitomize the meaning of a successful Black family: education, strength, success, wealth and beauty, you guys represent all of that. How important was it for you guys to show that side of your family; because the show wasn’t only about the high-profile and glamorous life?

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The basic and most important ingredient is having God at our center. We’re not a family that has to beat your head with the bible but you have to understand we as individuals and as a family have a very personal relationship with the lord. Without Him, being the glue to us as individuals, to our relationship or to our family, or anything we encounter, none of that will ever work. I think that is the most important ingredient in relationships and in Life.

Cool, let’s take a switched and talk Football Wives.

{Laugh} Okay

Why did you decided to do that show?

Honestly, I thought I would have the change to work with a group of strong women who were doing their own thing, entrepreneurs, and business women handling life, balancing their children, husbands, and careers. I was really excited about filming the show. Oblivious, I didn’t know what I was walking into. It was completely different from what I had anticipated.

Did you know any of the cast members before the show?

I only knew one of the cast members prior to filming. The others I didn’t know. I couldn’t pick them out from a line-up even if they had arrows at the top of their heads. I didn’t know them from Adam.

So you were the new kid on the block

Yes, I was the new kid on the block who came in at the twelfth hour. They were recruited by one another so to speak.

Do you feel like the network portrayed your image/character in a negative or positive way?

Well if you’ve seen the show you’d definitely know that’s all self-explanatory. I wasn’t given the time to display what my reality really was. It was what it was; I think the show was an unsuccessful and unfulfilled adventure on both parts.

Also, you’re featured in VH1’s Single Ladies tell us about your character and role on the show and how did you get involved?

I always watched Stacy Dash in Clueless; she was one of my favorite and I had known LisaRaye for a little while. So to have the opportunity to join the cast was no question, hands down of course. My character is Jennifer, the mayor’s (played by Common) wife. Her character is very strong. She doesn’t sit back and just accept life for what it gives. She handles her owns and she’s a very classy woman. She knows who she is, her position and handles herself with all of that in mind. I was very happy to play her in Single Ladies and to work with the cast. I’m very excited to be a part of it.

I was on Twitter when the show was on and you were a trending topic, how does that feel?

OMG, it was very much unexpected {laugh}. My team in New York called me and said, “You know you’re a trending topic” and I was like, “what are you talking about, no way!! WOW!”  The last time we had a trender in our household was when Deion was inducted to the hall of fame. It was a nice sweet surprise, without a doubt.

Also, you’re a perfumisa? Tell us about your signature collection, “Shelomi?”

It’s amazing; women are going to love it and men will adore it. I made it light of my daughter Shelomi. She is 100% a mini me, wearing my clothes, playing in my perfume and make-up. My perfumes were a bit too mature for her and I couldn’t find anything on the market for her that didn’t smell like alcohol or disappear within 5 minutes of spaying it on. Since I don’t like to complaining without finding solutions, I decided to develop my own. The fragrance is very light, fun, uplifting. You can find it on my website at http://pilarsanders.com/ I’m very excited about it.

What other projects are you currently working on?

My supporters are requesting workout videos so they really have me on that grind ready to share my workout and beauty secrets with them. Also, I am working with a hot new R&B artist/singer/writer from Houston named D-Jo. He’ll be on tour and releasing his single “Stupid Love” this summer. www.DerrickJMusic.com

Interview and words by Donovan “Don Bleek” Moore

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